Five Disneylands which rank top in the world.

A visit to  Disneyland been a part of the travel bucket list for most people. Experiencing the world of Disney for yourself is not something you must miss in your lifetime.
Disney World is one place where you can meet them all from Wicked Witch to the playful animals to the beautiful Cinderella and Prince Charming. Out of the 11 Disney-operated parks around the globe, only five are Disneyland while the other six parks are the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Tokyo Disney Sea, Disney California Adventure, EPCOT, and Disney Hollywood Studios. Between all of these parks, there’s a lot of fun to be had. Each one is unique in its way including design and look, attractions, characters, dining, and more. Because of this, we highly recommend guests try and visit as many as possible so they can get their own experience of each park. For now, though, we’ll be ranking them based on our experience at them and maybe it will help you decide which one on your bucket list to visit first. Here’s our round-up of the world’s biggest and best theme parks.

5. Disneyland Paris

Five Disneylands which rank top in the world.

Disneyland Paris, formerly Euro Disney Resort, is an entertainment resort in Chessy, France, a town located 32 km east of the center of Paris. It’s remarkably close to the Paris city center, making a trip to Disneyland extremely easy via suburban commuter trains or cars. It comprised two theme parks, many resort hotels, Disney Nature Resorts, a shopping, dining, and entertainment complex, and a golf course, in addition to several additional recreational and entertainment venues. Disneyland Paris is also the only Disney resort outside of the United States to be completely owned by The Walt Disney Company. Since April 1992, Disneyland Paris has helped several generations to create lifelong memories in the Disney tradition. The French Resort has grown with its guests to become Europe’s number one tourist destination.

Disneyland Paris captures that potent combination of fun, entrancing architecture, elaborate theming, and pure nostalgia that Disney is known for, perhaps with more charm and beauty than any other Disney park, and if you have a weakness for any of that, you might find it worthwhile.
There are several reasons for being the most visited spot:

•  Sleeping Beauty’s Castle which includes a very French twist to themed restaurants that will leave you in awe, not to mention the famous hidden Mickeys that you can enjoy looking for.

• Disneyland Paris also has exclusive attractions such as the exciting Crush Coaster inspired in Nemo’s world or the Ratatouille area that opened in 2014, which seeks to imitate the city of Paris.

•  It’s Unique and special because each Disney park has a different castle.

4. Tokyo Disneyland

Five Disneylands which rank top in the world.

Opened: Opened April 15, 1983

Operated by: The Oriental Land Company

Tokyo Disneyland has been in a period of pre-Olympics transition. With the Tokyo Summer Olympics slated to occur in July 2021 and Tokyo’s state of emergency ending, things should kick into high gear by Fall 2021.

Tokyo Disneyland’s attraction roster is the greatest hits of the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland, with the best version of numerous iconic Disney rides. When the park opened, it occupied 114 acres, making it the largest Disneyland-style park ever attempted at that time. … Today, the Tokyo Disney Resort has expanded to include a second theme park, multiple Disney hotels, and a shopping district, to which most Guests happily arrive via Tokyo’s extensive metro system.
Tokyo Disneyland’s success is due partly to its location in a metropolitan area of 30 million people. Oriental Land approached Disney with the idea of building a theme park in 1962, but the deal was not made until 1979. Families account for about half of the park’s visitors.
Tokyo Disneyland attracted about 4.16 million visitors in 2020. Figures declined significantly with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic. The facility remained one of the most popular theme parks across Japan and a valuable part of the amusement and theme park market in the Japanese leisure industry.
If you love amusement parks or have kids that do, you should definitely visit Tokyo Disneyland. It’s well-loved by adults and kids alike, and has a wide range of rides to suit all ages and personalities. The combination of Disney magic and Japanese efficiency makes it one of the most enjoyable amusement parks anywhere.

3. Magic Kingdom

Five Disneylands which rank top in the world.

Opened: October 1, 1971

Operated by: Walt Disney World

Magic Kingdom Park is a theme park at the Walt Disney World Resort in Bay Lake, Florida, near Orlando, Florida. Owned and operated by The Walt Disney Company through its Parks, Experiences, and Products as the first of four theme parks at the resort. The park was initialized by Walt Disney and designed by WED Enterprises. Its layout and attractions are based on Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California, and are dedicated to fairy tales and Disney characters.
Magic Kingdom’s design is truly remarkable and makes you feel like you are stepping out of reality and into a storybook that will take you on a journey through different ‘lands. ‘ Each land was designed with appropriate attractions and costumes, making it unique from every other land in the park.

It remains one of the most popular theme parks in the world. With the iconic Cinderella Castle as its centerpiece, the park promises a long list of Disney-inspired rides, roller coasters, and attractions spread across an enormous
With more than 40 unforgettable attractions, themed dining and shopping, and countless surprises, your imagination is the limit when you’re at “The Most Magical Place on Earth.”

2. Walt Disney World Orlando, Florida

Five Disneylands which rank top in the world.

Opened: July 17, 1955

The Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida is the second theme park Walt Disney built. This Disney world is home to infinite charms that can keep your children busy and happy while you indulge in a much-needed spa session and other fun services.
Disneyland has a larger cumulative attendance than any other theme park in the world, with 726 million visits since it opened. In 2020, the park had approximately 18.6 million visits, making it the second most visited amusement park in the world that year, behind only Magic Kingdom, the very park it inspired.
This immediately seems more consumer-friendly, as well as increasing the target market to a point where they can attract many more times the amount of customers than other theme parks can. In conclusion, Disneyland owes it’s major success to its points of parity and innovation.

One really great thing about Disneyland is that your little ones can meet their favorite characters. The characters at Disneyland are great with kids and take the time to make them feel special. They are more than happy to pose for a picture too. Disneyland is said to be the “happiest place on earth”.

1. Tokyo Disneysea

Five Disneylands which rank top in the world.

Opened: 4 September 2001

Operated by: The Oriental Land Company

Tokyo DisneySea is a fantasy theme park in Tokyo Disney Resort that is unique to Japan. Inspired by the myths and legends of the sea, Tokyo DisneySea is made up of seven themed ports of call: Mediterranean Harbor, Mysterious Island, Mermaid Lagoon, Arabian Coast, Lost River Delta, Port Discovery and American Waterfront.
Tokyo DisneySea was designed to specifically also appeal to a more grown up audience. The park addresses the Japanese visitors’ strong interest in good food by providing a wider selection of table service restaurants than Tokyo Disneyland and by serving alcoholic beverages, which are unavailable at the neighboring park.
The park is full of beautiful sightlines and surpasses all other theme parks thanks to its attention to detail and story. Simply walking around DisneySea is worth the cost.In 2020, the attendance at the Tokyo DisneySea theme park amounted to approximately 3.4 million visitors.
Tokyo Disneyland Is Now the World’s Most Popular Theme Park.

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