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Top 5 Inspirational And Entertaining Cricket Movies

Top 5 Inspirational And Entertaining Cricket Movies .

Sports movies can be inspiring and uplifting which teaches some of life’s most important lessons. It generates immense energy and power and forms positive attitudes which are very necessary for real life. A good sports film is not only about losing or winning on the field, but it also speaks about the deep meaning associated with the sports itself. Sports films appreciate the struggle of the participants by showcasing losers as temporary pain to achieve greater rewards in the future. Sports films understand human emotions which results in a positive attitude in the way we think and live in society. Let us discuss Top five Inspirational Cricket related movies.


Release date:30 January 2009
Directed By: Ajit Pal Mangat
This movie forecast the story of Vijay Shekhawat’s dream of
playing for the Indian cricket team, but he ruins his chance by his overconfidence. However, he works hard to regain his position in the team. His hard work and dedication in achieving his lifelong dream to become a part of the Indian Cricket Team are shown in this movie.
Although the movie outperformed at the Indian box office, it is worth watching, if only to witness the acting skills of some notable cricketers.


Release date: 26 September 2008
Directed by: Regardt van den Bergh.
Telling the story of South Africa’s former captain, Hansie Cronje who went from national hero to international disgrace.It takes us on a journey through South Africa, India and England as we see his struggle to rebuild his life. After a long fall from grace, he seeks the forgiveness of both God & country.
It explains Hansie Cronje’s side of the story – the personal explanation for his actions that he gave to the King Commission which investigated the match-fixing allegations on behalf of the South Africa government. So the film is not investigative journalism and no new material facts about the scandal emerge. What the film does is paint in the personal issues surrounding the story – in particular Cronje’s relationship with his teammates, his family, and his friends.


release date: 20 May 2011
Directed by: Stevan Riley
Fire In Babylon is a story of the undefeated West Indies cricket team during the turbulent ’70s and ’80s.
In this movie, you will see how West Indies Captain Clive Lloyd transforms his 1970s-era West Indies cricket team into champions who dominate the sport for many years charts the growth of Caribbean cricket as the West Indies became the most feared team on the planet.

The movie was nominated for three awards, Fire in Babylon is a must-watch for anyone interested in the history of the game.

2. Lagaan

Release date:15 June 2001
directed by: Ashutosh Gowariker
Lagaan’ reflected patriotism for modern India. It was a film that showcased no patriotism for a country that is now, after so many years of independence, hooked to the colonial game.
It is not based on a true story. The year set in the movie 1893 was a time when cricket wasn’t even played by Indians.
The year is 1893 and India is under British occupation. In a small village, the tyrannical Captain Russell (Paul Blackthorne) has imposed an unprecedented land tax on its citizens. Outraged, Bhuvan (Aamir Khan), a rebellious farmer, rallies the villagers to publicly oppose the tax. Russell offers a novel way to settle the dispute: he challenges Bhuvan and his men to a game of cricket, a sport completely foreign to India. If Bhuvan and his men can defeat Russell’s team, the tax will be repealed.
This movie would teach you to “Be Bold and take risks” -Life will provide you with opportunities to evolve as a leader, if only you identify those and grab them.

1. Chain Kuli Ki Main Kulii

Release date:22 June 2007
Directed by: Karanjeet Saluja
The story revolves around an orphan boy, Karan (Zain Khan) who dreams to become a big cricketer. His inspiration was Kapil Dev since he has been brought up on the motivating stories of India’s ’83 world cup win by the orphanage caretaker, Bholu Dada who is a loving and gentle old man. His dream gets fulfilled with the help of a magic bat when he gets selected for the Indian Cricket team.

This movie teaches us “Believe in yourself and the world will be at your feet”.
Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii though quite entertaining and fun to watch failed to get a good response at the box office but in India, it grossed a very good profit.

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