Return Of BTS With Their ‘Permission To Dance On Stage’ Online Concert

Return Of BTS With Their 'Permission To Dance On Stage' Online Concert

On October 24th, 2021 the world dominating K-pop band BTS successfully held their online concert Permission to Dance on Stage at Jamsil main stadium, Seoul. The online concert was held worldwide in 197 countries viewed by more than one million viewers.

The show started with a rare event ‘soundcheck’ for which tickets are very limited during the offline concerts. After that at 6:30 PM KST the main performance started with a short VCR followed by ON, Burning Up (Fire), and Dope with powerful yet fun delivery of vocals and raps.

Performance of Black Swan, Blood Sweat & Tears, and Fake love as usual slayed every ARMY with intense choreography and sexy visuals in complete black color costumes. Performance of Black Swan intro included the depiction of a white winged Swan and its beautiful wing movements by the group and their backup dancers while FAKE LOVE ended with a depiction of a flower whose petals fall dawn one by one living the lonely petal alone. Apart from these, the jazz version of their first English single Dynamite had a dance break accompanied by a live orchestra at its end and smoothly transited into their second English single Butter.

Return Of BTS With Their 'Permission To Dance On Stage' Online Concert

While the above sexy dark and fun-full bright performances had intense chores, their other songs Life Goes On and Boy With Luv (feat. Halsey) was cheerful and hearting warming while performing sitting on and playing around a huge green comfy sofa and a warm cozy bed.

In-between these performances more four different VCRs were played which were teased for the concert on their official YouTube channel. Also, each member shared heartfelt messages for their fans between their performances. Just before the start of the event their record label HYBE announced about one of the members V was experiencing strong pain in his calf muscles while during rehearsals a day before the concert. Their doctor ruled out for no serious injury, yet he was advised to prevent himself from performing any chores for the concert. V said, ” While preparing for the show, I made a mistake. ARMY, you don’t have to worry about me “, regarding his injury and assured their fans. During the entire concert, he remain seated while singing his verse. However, he moved around a little while performing as he couldn’t help himself from his desire to perform.

Return Of BTS With Their 'Permission To Dance On Stage' Online Concert

Immersed in the feel of performing for the concert, the oldest member Jin said,”Turning thirty, it aches here and there, and I really want to hold more concerts before I become too old and it becomes hard to keep up with the energy as before. With the LA concert as the start, we’ll get more chance to meet you guys so please look forward”, while the group’s main vocalist replied, “I’m just happy rather than feeling exhausted”, to the group’s leader RM about him feeling a bit exhausted as they were performing after almost a year later since their last online concert during October 2020.

The online concert was held prior to their upcoming live concert Permission to Dance on Stage-LA which is expected to held on November 27th and 28th and December 1st and 2nd at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, California. Regarding this lead vocalist Jimin said, “The Olympic stadium is really big and without anyone here, it feels half like doing a rehearsal. It’s becoming more difficult to think of what to say now that I’ve said so much without you guys here. But I feel we’re gonna meet soon, so let’s talk more then”.

They further performed Airplane pt. 2, Silver Spoon, Dis-ease, Telepathy, Stay and So what and wrapped up the show with I Need U, Save Me, Idol, Epilogue: Young Forever, the queen of charts and people’s heart Spring Day and the most awaited one Permission to Dance.

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