5 Most Famous Personalities of Australia.

There are many famous personalities staying in Australia. But there is some top 5 most famous personalities list who stay in Australia.

5. Heath Ledger

5 Most Famous Personalities of Australia.
Heath Ledger, byname of Heathcliff Andrew Ledger, (born April 4, 1979, Perth, Austl.
Heath Ledger’s life might have been tragically cut short, but his legacy lives on through an array of tremendous performances. From his breakout role in 10 Things I Hate About You, to his critically-acclaimed performance in Brokeback Mountain, and ultimately his truly iconic magnum opus as the Joker in The Dark Knight, nearly everything he touched was a magnificent work of art.
He was nominated for an Oscar for his revered performance in Brokeback Mountain and 2008, he memorably played The Joker in The Dark Knight, a role for which he won a posthumous Oscar.
His star was still on the rise upon his untimely death in 2008, but his legacy lives on. After his impressive turn in the Australian film Two Hands, Ledger appeared in 10 Things I Hate About You, A Knight’s Tale, and The Patriot alongside Mel Gibson.

4. Don Bradman

5 Most Famous Personalities of Australia.
Don Bradman, byname of Sir Donald George Bradman, (born August 27, 1908, Cootamundra, New South Wales, Australia—died February 25, 2001, Adelaide, South Australia), one of the greatest run-scorers in the history of the game and often judged the greatest player of the 20th century.
The Don — a boy from the bush who carried Australian cricket on his back between 1928-48, the country’s national hero during the Depression and World War II — averaged 99.94 runs per innings over his international career, a record that’s rough twice as good as any other player in cricket history.
His Test batting average was 99.94, slightly better than his 95.14 in all matches, both more than 25 runs and innings ahead of the men in second place.

3. Ned Kelly

5 Most Famous Personalities of Australia.

Ned Kelly called as Edward Kelly, was born on June 1855, Beveridge, Victoria, Australia, and died on November 11, 1880, Melbourne), most famous of the bushrangers, Australian rural outlaws of the 19th century.
He is one of the great, exploited figure of Australia – a tragic, confused but brave-hearted man who, in many ways, sums up the history of this continent.
He followed the usual pattern of robbery, rape, and murder. They specialized in robbing, or “bailing up,” stagecoaches, banks, and small settlements. From 1789, when John Caesar (called “Black Caesar”) took to the bush and probably became the first bushranger, until the 1850s, the bushrangers were almost exclusively escaped convicts. From the 1850s until their disappearance after 1880, most bushrangers were free settlers who had run afoul of the law. The last major bushranger—and also the most celebrated—was Ned Kelly (1855–80).
The outlaw, Ned Kelly, looms large over Australian culture. Hanged for his crimes at the age of 26 in 1880, the story of Ned was the subject of the first ever feature-length movie, made in 1906.
The Ned Kelly Awards (named for bushranger Ned Kelly) are Australia’s leading literary awards for crime writing in both the crime fiction and true cri. They were established in 1996 by the Crime Writers Association of Australia to reward excellence in the field of crime writing within Australia.

2. Nicole Kidman

5 Most Famous Personalities of Australia.

Nicole Kidman, born on June 20, 1967, Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S., American-born Australian actress known for her considerable range and versatility as well as for her glamorous looks and cool demeanor.
By 1995, she was one of the world’s biggest movie stars with roles in Die For and Batman Forever. Throughout her eclectic career, the talented actress has seemed as comfortable in dramatic roles (The Portrait of a Lady; Rabbit Hole) as she did in the fun stuff (Bewitched, Paddington). A four-time Oscar nominee, she picked up the gong for her portrayal of Virginia Woolf in The Hours in 2002.

In 2018, she won Best Actress Golden Globe for her role in HBO’s Big Little Lies. She lives with her husband Keith Urban and their two children in homes in Australia and the US. She also shares an adopted son and daughter with ex Tom Cruise.

1. Chris Hemsworth

5 Most Famous Personalities of Australia.

Chris Hemsworth, in full Christopher Hemsworth, (born August 11, 1983, Melbourne, Australia), an Australian actor who came to fame for his role as Thor in several Marvel Cinematic Universe movies.
Chris Hemsworth started his career appearing in television series. He began acting in a famous soap opera in Australia called “Home and Away”.

In 2009, Chris Hemsworth decided to pursue a career in Hollywood. Chris Hemsworth rose to fame in Australia when he played the role of Kim Hyde in the Australian television series Home and Away. He made his first on-screen appearance. Chris Hemsworth is mostly known for portraying Marvel comic book hero Thor in the film series.
Now Hemsworth is one of the highest-paid actors in the world and has been a part of many big films. Today Chris is one of the successful and richest actors in marvel cinemas. This pretty face millionaire is very much popular on Instagram.

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