Top 10 Sports Anime One Should Never Miss

Sports and anime may not seem intrinsically linked, Unlike most feature films and live-action TV shows, sports anime may not always be grounded in reality, but, because anime brings a whole new quirky twist to sports, it can often be as entertaining as some of the best sports biopics which are Inspirational, engaging, and thrilling enough to keep people on the edge of their seats that’s the charm of sports anime. So here are ten sports anime in our point of view consisting of strong characters, well-done drama, and great animation.

10. Run With The Wind

Released on October 8, 2018. This anime mainly focuses on the sport of is a very character-driven story. Everyone is running for different reasons and comes with their baggage that they need to work through. They all have their own personal and complex relationship with the sport. this is happening while the characters are attending college.
This anime follows a fourth-year student named Kakeru as he is brought back into his love of running to get a team into shape for the Hakone Ekiden. the movie mainly focuses on a ten-person team, each character is given plenty of time to be memorable and expressive.

9. Yuri On Ice

Anime was released on October 5, 2016. Yuri on Ice is a pretty special anime on several levels. It covers homosexuality in a very different way than the yaoi genre and received a ton of praise for its refreshing depiction. In this Anime Skating is given greater priority. Not only did the animation bring the sport to life, but it shows the personality of the characters. It’s even more difficult than most sports for older competitors to do well, which is what makes watching the 23-year-old Yuuri attempt to find his way to the top of the skating world. The main character, Yuri, is a bit of a dork and awkward off of the skating rink. Once he is on the rink though, he turns into a confident and serious person and you cannot blame Viktor for falling in love with him. The final moments of the show are enough to keep anyone on the edge of their seats, even the most hardened sports fans.

8. Fighting Spirit

Fighting Spirit is also known as Hajime no Ippo released on September 5, 2003. it is by far one of the greatest boxing anime ever created. It’s like an anime version of Punch-Out but even better, mainly because Fighting Spirit gifted the world the comedy heavyweight that is Mamoru Takamura.
The story follows a timid high schooler, Makunouchi Ippo, on his journey to becoming a professioItsboxer. Its manga is a best-seller and has won the Kodansha Manga Award.

7. Baby Steps

Baby Steps is more based on real-world-focused. Baby Steps is praised for its realistic and detailed depiction of tennis – characters don’t have superpower-like moves or abilities. Instead, the anime focuses a lot on consistent training to improve one’s skills and employing careful tactics during matches.
The story revolves around Eiichirō, who is a total beginner to tennis at the start of the series. Unhappy with his physique and sedentary lifestyle, he decides to take up tennis and joins the Southern Tennis Club. Eiichirō slowly becomes a skilled tennis player through his hard work and will.

6. Ace Of Diamonds

The anime is based on Baseball which is the most popular sport in Japan, Eijun Sawamura, aims to become the ace of his high school baseball team. Together with his team, they strive for the highly competitive national kōshien championship, a prestigious high school baseball tournament held every summer.
The animation is great and has a shonen-like vibe. The popularity of baseball in Japan may explain why this show has a ton more episodes than most sports anime. The anime has 126 episodes and five OVAs.

5. Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk is a Japanese sports manga series. It tells the story of a basketball team from Shōhoku High School in the Shōnan area of Japan. The story is quite simple Hanamichi Sakuragi just wanted a girlfriend so Hanamichi joins Shohoku High’s basketball team to try and get close to Haruko Akagi, who happens to be the sister of the club’s captain. Over time, Hanamichi grows attached to basketball.

4. Captain Tsubasa

Top 10  Sports Anime One Should Never Miss
Captain Tsubasa is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yōichi Takahashi 1981. … The plot focuses Captain Tsubasa is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yōichi Takahashi 1981. … plot focuses on Tsubasa’s relationship with his friends, rivalries with his opponents, training, competition, and the action and outcome of each football match.
It is popular for its likable characters and messages on teamwork. It has left somewhat of a legacy when it comes to Japanese pop culture.

3. Big Windup

These sports anime started in 2007 but is still remembered for being a great show. It is all about baseball. Baseball sports anime would be on here, as baseball is the most popular sport in Japan.
The series, set in Saitama Prefecture, follows the story of Ren Mihashi. Mihashi was the previous ace pitcher in his middle school’s baseball team, but it seems that he only got the position because his grandfather was the owner of the school.
Big Windup is fun, entertaining, and needs to withstand Third place in the list.

2. Kuroko’s Basketball

The Anime series is based on manga.Bandai Visual. Basketball.
the show is known for its smooth animation with very intense basketball moves. For fans, the episodes go by very fast and they’ll find that they suddenly stayed up till 3 am watching over ten episodes. Others have noted they have gotten adrenaline rushes anytime their favorite character is victorious. Some fans note that the show is unrealistic in terms of sports, but that’s part of what makes it fun and interesting.

The series mainly focuses on power player, Taiga Kagami, who is just back from America. When he comes to Seirin High School, he meets the super-ordinary boy, Tetsuya Kuroko. … Kuroko makes a pact with Kagami to defeat the other members of the Miracle Generation, who have all played basketball at other schools. Kuroko’s Basketball became popular for its unrealistic superhuman techniques, powerful story development, and unique characters.

1. Haikyuu

Top 10  Sports Anime One Should Never Miss
Haikyuu!! is one of the most hit Japanese manga series, the story focuses on Hinata Shouyou, a short middle school student, gained a sudden love of volleyball after watching a national championship match on TV. Determined to become like the championship’s star player, a short boy nicknamed “the small giant”, Shouyou joined his school’s volleyball club.
Fans love the show for the way the characters develop and how their relationships change since they are friends, teammates, and students who are indifferent school years. Some sports anime focus merely on individual skills but Haikyuu is all about communication with the team.

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