Compilation Of Webcomics To Read On Instagram

Compilation Of Webcomics To Read On Instagram

It’s a known fact that there are things like webcomics to entertain ourselves during the break from our busy hectic life. We all, especially people like us who scroll at least a hundred times through social media, might have come across a piece of these webcomics, laughed and without any hesitation moved to other random posts.

Webcomics are digital comics found on platforms, generally apps. While most of them are exclusively available online, only a few are softcopy versions of the original hardcopy of comics we get from bookstores.

Platforms specially designed for webcomic reading have long chapters and series. However, artists are not limited to just these apps to showcase their work social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and other stages have also become a medium to do so. Having a greater chance of acquiring a greater number of audiences, these social media provide a proper foundation to establish in the field of storytelling by illustrations.

Unlike apps like Line Webtoon, Instagram has the very short form of comics which are mostly based on stories of their experience which are simply published as a very short story per post or each post are posted as an episode or maybe both while the main character is generally same. Either way fans or even casual readers have never been disappointed by their artworks.

Therefore, we have listed webcomics on Instagram for you to discover the world of 2D storytelling by digital illustrations:

1. Story per post:

Compilation Of Webcomics To Read On Instagram


Murrzstudio is one of the most popular webcomic artists in Instagram. Most of her story per post are inspired by her experiences. Each post can surely make laugh hard alone with the details of facial expressions.
Though she posts few times a month, one can check out the same comic with more content on an alternate day basis on Line Webtoon.


Though most of his series are stories per post of the comedy genre, some of his posts are pure horror. The details of his illustrations and stories of this type are scary and vivid enough to bring a chill through your spine. However, others despite being a genre of comedy, can be rated as +18 due to some uncensored images. So, the series might be not for underage groups.


The artist mostly illustrations the short life events and feelings with minimum yet sensible dialogues in a comical way. The illustrations are simple with mostly the use of bright colors. The author in true sense posts slice of life with laughter.


Carbcomics feature humor inspired by real-life objects, thought, experience, and ideas. The illustrations though are simple yet lot different from other artists. Each panel of the story in a post is well boarded giving a neat appearance.


The comic illustrates the authors daily Indian life of day-to-day experiences with her mom’s boyfriend, work, and her dear pizza. Each post is neat and well organized.


The comic is completely based on the daily life of the couple that is the author and his girlfriend.


Comic mainly focuses on Asian life and their households, with which any Asian and Asian immigrants can relate, and her love for her profession as a gym instructor.


The stories are purely based on animals. The comic tries to spread awareness about various species with humorous dialogues. The information about each species are interesting enough to hook you up and the humor of the comic is just cheery on top for your delight.


The comic is more of a short relatable thing that happens than a story yet the comic illustration and contents and enough to enjoy it as a small bite of sweets with a nice cup of tea.


Perry fellow comics are short yet quite unique. The stories are a lot different from each other and a bit unexpected. The stories are inspired by unexpected objects to a living being.

2. Series:

Compilation Of Webcomics To Read On Instagram

@zizai_orangebrush illustrates the love story of a young-looking hot devil king and cute little angle and later on the comic started featuring love stories of other side characters. The story of each couple has their own unique stories filled with love and humor making it funny and heart-warming at the same time.


If you are looking for something to cry, @Jenny_jinya is your best bet. The comic has its own short stories which is limited to per post. However, each of them is based on the life story of the livings Mr. Death encounters. The story clearly highlighters facts about the rotting part of the real world with sadness and empathy from the sufferer’s or the living’s perspective. @blobbynfriends @blobbynfriends is based on a cute small round creature named Blobby and his human friends. The series highlights the diverse lives humans have and teaches a lot about humanity we should have.


Cats and cats comics is compilations of cat-based mini-stories. While some have plots where cats live with humans and some are entirely based on a cat world with no human.
The series despite being short they are capable of bringing curiosity within readers of what would happen next.


Like cat and cat comics, @bichi.mao is about a cat named Mao. The series is having a collection of short stories with a completely different plot. However, the character name and looks are the same.


The entire series is about a mermaid living in a heavily polluted and neglected ocean who one day meets two school-going best friend boys on a sea coast. It shows the aquatic life in the era of pollution and the friendship of the characters filled with laughter with a dab of sadness.


It’s a story about two pets under a roof. While one is a retired scary-looking yet soft-hearted police dog the other one is a small cute little cat. The comics tell us about their past thoughts and their day-to-day life while encountering other local animals.

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