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League Of Legends Is The Video Game For Everyone

League Of Legends Is The Video Game For Everyone

League Of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena launched in 2009. Developed and published by Riot Games is available for Microsoft Windows and mac OS. It is one of the best games of the gaming industry and is a game for everyone. Back in 2014 League Of Legends was played by 27 million players daily and 67 million on monthly basis. A very common question asked by everyone is that how did they get so much success. Well, there are quite a few reasons that helped them to achieve this success and to become the most lovable game by everyone. Let’s have a look at them.

1. The Rankings and Ladder System

The game has a 6-tiered ranking system. This system allows the players to jump to different ranks. But, this can only be done after achieving a certain ratio of wins versus losses. This allows the League Of Legends players to play within rank and to increase their skill level. Overall it is a competitive ranking system which gives the player something to work towards.

2. Game’s Team Dynamics

League Of Legends Is The Video Game For Everyone

League Of Legends is a team game that encourages players to recruit friends. It has a 3v3 or 5v5 format. However, players can play with strangers also by using the solo queue or duo queue option. Isn’t it interesting to play with a group of friends who communicate well and know each other’s style of playing. So this really attracts players to play this game with their own team which is much better than a team of strangers.

3. Spectatorship and the fame millions of dollars in pro leagues

League Of Legends is not only a game to play but it  is also extremely exciting to watch. The game has large and small competitions. The large competitions have teams from centers like Korea, China, America and Europe that are sponsored by huge companies. The players of large competition play in stadiums full with thousands of fans. The huge spectatorship increases the sponsorship.

4. In depth discussions about tactics and competitions create powerful League Of Legends communities

Another reason for League Of Legends fame is that the pro players stream their game and they have a large following. In the streams, players try new tactics and strategies and have fun. Not only this, we get to see forums and Reddit subthreads where players discuss the latest patches and metagame, etc. League Of Legends’ huge community stands together and keeps us up to date with the latest news regarding the game.

5. Constant adaptations to keep the game exciting for players

The developer of League Of Legends has always tried to keep the game interesting and fresh with every major patch. The patches have led to huge changes in the meta game, forcing the players to adapt their tactics and strategies according to the changes int he game play. There are new champions also which change the dynamics of the game very often. This somewhere allows the players to experiment new tactics after every patch.

So what’s your opinion about League Of Legends?

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