JBL’s Car Audio Systems

JBL's Car Audio Systems

Upgrade your current car audio system to better sound with a pair of JBL car speakers. These speakers feature Plus One cone technology a 3 OHM impedance edge-driven dome tweeters and many other patented technologies. They are available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations that will fit your vehicle.

JBL amplifier delivers a powerful 50- Watts RMS to each of the fronts and rear speakers in a car, and 500-Watts RMS to the subwoofer channel. Today we are going to talk about the entry-level series JBL club A5055, on one side of the amplifier there is power, inputs with a four gauge input capable amplifier, the remote, and also a row of 30 amp blade fuses, just to protect the amplifier, and also speaker outputs.

JBL's Car Audio Systems

There are also RCA inputs, three stages of inputs, front rear and sub, and head unit RCA into the amplifier and then outputs speaker cable for speakers. This speaker features a poly-injected lightweight cone material, so you can hear all the dynamics in your music collection.

The plus one cone technology maximizes the vine surface area for even greater sound output without additional power. The JBL speakers all feature a one-inch edge-driven fabric dome tweeter that is soft enough for comfortable listening, yet rigid enough to articulate high frequencies up to 20 1000 Hertz.

Most JBL’s speaker features tweeter attenuation that lets you select between 0 and 3 decibels for greater emphasis on the high frequencies and the unit pivot design directs the sound towards a listener for better imaging using patented technology.

These speakers have a 3 OHM impedance rating allowing them to maximize the power they receive from the car stereo or amplifier, the JBL series speakers are available in standard sizes and coaxial or component configurations. They have a wide range of power handling capabilities so that one can easily power them off a stereo receiver or an external amp.

The 3 OHM impedance makes the speakers a great choice for both stock or aftermarket systems because the speaker can get more out of the amplifier. So if you are looking for a great-sounding speaker that’s going to be compatible with your car’s current audio system then the JBL speakers are the ones you are looking for.

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