List Of Popular Webcomic Apps

List Of Popular Webcomic Apps

While everything was being locked down during the pandemic, digital entertainment became a part of ways to cope up with the time of uncertainty and fear of the future. Among all the virtual entertainment, the trend of Webcomic took pace with the increase in numbers of their readers.

Webcomics are digital comics that cannot or hardly be available as hardcopy. Unlike the hardcopy version, the illustrations are colorful with crystal clear details of each and every panel. The apps which house these comics have various features to elevate your experience of reading as well as features that can be used by illustrators to add more elements into their work to entertain their fans.

Hence, we researched and short-listed the apps for people to try out the taste of the comic world:


List Of Popular Webcomic Apps

WebComics is a comic app that homes mostly Chinese artists. The app is most popular in North America.

  • The app is excellent for reader who want to read in manga style.
  • The comics are available in English, Chinese, Indonesian and Thai


List Of Popular Webcomic Apps
The app was developed in South Korea in 2012. The comics and novels aren’t free to read and authors are mainly Koreans.

  • Comics, manhwa, novel,s and Graphic novels are available in the app.
  • Non- free comics can be read for free under the feature “time till free”.
  • Readers can claim tickets to try new comics.

3. Shonen Jump Manga & Comics

List Of Popular Webcomic Apps
The Japanese app mostly includes Japanese comics called manga for the reader who are manga fans. They are basically the digital versions of the comics which are originally available as hardcopy. The app is for readers especially international readers who are unable to access the comic book in the English language.

  • It’s a platform where well-known hit manga can be read weekly online and for free.
  • Can be downloaded to read offline.
  • If purchased, the manga can be read on any device.

2. Tapas (webcomic and web novel)

List Of Popular Webcomic Apps
Tapas is a Korean app developed by its CEO, Chang Kim. The app mostly includes works of genre fantasy and romance.

  • The first few chapters are free to decide whether the reader wants to pay to read further or not.
  • Comics are available in English, French, and Korean.
  • Webcomics, as well as web novels, are available for readers.

1. Webtoon (LINE Webtoon)

List Of Popular Webcomic Apps

A webtoon by Naver is a South Korean digital comic reading app. The app is one of the largest and most popular webcomic app and homes to more than thousands of digital comics domestically and internationally.

  • Music can be added to each and every chapter of a series.
  • If the series hit certain conditions, it can get ” Featured ” by which the author can earn more from its content.
  • Being featured gives authors more tools to elevate their work.
  • Some of the readers, if given permission by the author, can translate the series into various other languages such as Korean, English, Chinese, Spanish, Hindi, Telegu, etc.
  • New authors can create and share their own works using a feature called Canva for free of cost.
  • Can be downloaded to read offline.

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