Dizo GoPods Neo – Price, Reviews and Specifications

Dizo GoPods Neo - Price, Reviews And Specifications

Dizo GoPods Neo, two wireless earbuds promise ANC and transparency mode at the low price of Rs. 2,299, how effective is it and how do they sound, let’s discuss and find out Dizo’s GoPods Neo Specifications, Reviews, and Price.

The Dizo GoPods Neo has a fairly standard oval-shaped earbud design but it looks quite good, they are easy to fit in the ear, and the matte finish bud paired with the glossy touch area for controls makes them quite distinctive. The case is a similar matte finished plastic and sports an HSBC charging port and a battery indicator.

Dizo GoPods Neo - Price, Reviews And Specifications

Dizo GoPods Neo’s each bud is 4.5 grams in weight which helps them feel comfortable even when worn for long periods. GoPods Neo also has an IPX5 rating is you don’t need to worry about sweat or splashes of water. The Dizo GoPods Neo sports 10-millimeter drivers that produce a crisp sound. The sound stage is not super wide but there is still good clarity.

By default Dizo GoPods Neo comes with a punchy bass that stays tight and doesn’t boom too much. If that’s not enough for you there’s a bass boost plus mode as well. With this efficient feature, you will find a marked difference outside with and on and off. If ambient noise is too loud it’ll sound like sound being suppressed rather than completely canceled, but it works.

It’s not the most comprehensive and solution but at this price, it will be unfair to complain too much. Transparency mode works too and at volumes around 30 to 40 percent you will easily be able to hear your surroundings. There are two mics for noise cancellation during calls that work well.

The Dizo GoPods Neo can connect with the Real Me link app on your smartphone, in the app, you will get the battery levels along with the option to switch between noise cancellation to normal and noise transparency modes. Selection between the default dynamic sound signature or bright which boots the treble or bass boots plus which you can boots the bass is also available.

Game mode in the app brings down the latency to 88 milliseconds. By default, you tap twice on the buds to play and pause, tap three times for the next song, and touch and hold both buds to switch between anc and transparency mode. The Dizo GoPods Neo offers 40 million battery power in the buds and a 400 milliamp battery in the case. Dizo GoPods Neo claims 7 hours of battery life on a single charge without it.


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