Casio G-Shock GM-2100 Metal Covered Men’s Watch

Casio G-Shock GM-2100 Metal Covered Men's Watch

The watch we have all been waiting for is finally here, introducing the Casio G-Shock GM-2100 series. This new standard of G-Shock sees a metal evolution of the iconic octagonal GA-2100 series or also known as Casio. Here we will be discussing the GM-2100 3aer model. It has been released with four models.

This is seriously exciting, this is something G-Shock fans have been crying out for ever since 2019 when the original GA-2100 series was released, the original casino’s having such resemblance to AP Royal OAKS at an absolute fraction of the price. We just wanted G-Shock to go that one step further to add some metal to the casing for the added boost of luxury.

Casio G-Shock GM-2100 Metal Covered Men's Watch

Well now Casio G-Shock GM-2100 finally have, earlier this series has seen the release of four timepieces, the GM-2101a, a silver face and bezel with black strap, the the-2100b 4a, a red face silver bezel, and a black strap, and then the GM-2100n2a, a model featuring different shades of blue throughout the watch and finally the GM-2100b 3a, an almost forest green face, a silver slash gunmetal bezel and a dark green and an almost khaki strap.

All of these watches feature an incredible brushed metal finish which tops the look off perfectly. Now we have got everything we asked for, an incredible looking watch with the durability, you would expect in a G-Shock. The cost of all the models is less than 200 pounds, the price of this series differs slightly.

The black and silver model is priced at 179 pounds in the UK, just under 250 US dollars whereas the green, red and blue models are priced at 199 pounds which is just under 275 dollars and this is based on the fact that these are noted as limited edition watches on the G-Shock website whereas the black and silver is not.

Casio G-Shock GM-2100 Metal Covered Men's Watch

Building on the iconic 2100 octagonal shape is the new GM-2100 series which is a mid-sized G-Shock with a simple yet bold design forged in stainless steel with a rounded hairline finish. GM-2100 shows fingerprints and smudges a lot easier. This is now the G-Shock’s version of a high-end watch, the dial-in this watch is treated with a vapor deposition finish for a meticulously detailed metallic look.

Still 200-meter water resistance with functions, such as world time, stopwatch, and the timer. Overall though this watch essentially encompasses everything we loved about the GA-2100 series with an additional touch of shine and is not a heavy watch.

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