5 Ways To Browse The Internet On iPhone

5 Ways To Browse The Internet On iPhone

Be it for the aesthetics of the home page, the efficiency, less occupied internal storage, the accessibility, or for the support available by your phone, we download various third-party web engines or simply use the phone’s company’s exclusive in-built browser app to experience a good quality browsing experience. Many of them also have exclusive features which make it hard for us to resist using them.

generally, all phones are broadly categorized into two groups: Android and iPhone. While Androids are the phone that uses Android as OS, iPhones are the only phone that uses their own independent OS iOS. While Android can support almost all types of third-party apps, this is not the same in the case of Apple phones. But worry not as to some extent they do provide support to these apps.

Therefore, we listed the top five apps that are supported by your iPhone and can provide a quality browsing experience:

 Apple safari

5 Ways To Browse The Internet On iPhone

Being the phone of a company whose products have almost everything exclusive, unique and different, it is obvious that apple must have ensured to have their own web browser called Apple Safari. It is an in-built default app which basically means that no matter what other browser app you download, the default app will always be Safari. One can decide where (other non-in-built apps) the links should open while surfing but the links received via text will always open in Safari.
Can work efficiently compared to many other apps.
The privacy details are secured and hardly get leaked.

Opera Touch

5 Ways To Browse The Internet On iPhone

The browser app Opera, developed by Geir and Jon von, launched its new product called Opera Touch which tun on iOS phones.
a. One can send files among devices with ease as it doesn’t require any account to do so.
b. Pop-ups of ads and cookies can be blocked.
c. Doesn’t use much space.
d. Run efficiently and smoothly while browsing.
e. Can continue downloading even in the background


5 Ways To Browse The Internet On iPhone

The company of the apps has claims privacy being always their top priority and so the app truly does.
a. Provides in-built free VPN to browse through the internet.
b. Files can be shared among devices simply over Wi-fi.
c. The app has the ability to hide files with passwords and fingerprints at your will.
d. Notifications of social media can be easily blocked.

Firefox Focus

5 Ways To Browse The Internet On iPhone

The app Firefox has always been on the game since day one. Whether being used or not there is hardly anyone who doesn’t know it. The app is very decent and safe to use.
a. Completely ad-free
b. The design is very simple and all the previous tab’s traces will be absent whenever the app is opened.
c. They claim that there will be no involvement of algorithms which means search suggestions and news feeds related to the previous searches will not be there.

Google Chrome

5 Ways To Browse The Internet On iPhone

It is obvious that Google chrome would top the list. Download by millions of users, it is one of the most downloaded browsing apps. As the name suggests the app is a product of Google. It has several unique and advanced features which can’t be matched by many.
a. Auto-fill is available to ease your typing.
b. Has search engine Google.
c. Each tap or page has the option to search while being on that page.
d. One can search privately via incognito mode.
e. The in-built translate can easily translate any page.
f. Can give warning about sites that could be dangerous for your private data.
g. One of the best exclusive feature is voice search by which one can search for anything just by speaking.

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