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Don’t Miss These 5 Funny Basketball Movies You Will Literally Have Stomach Ache Watching

Don't Miss These 5 Funny Basketball Movies You Will Literally Have Stomach Ache Watching


Many people think about dramatic scenes when sports movies are mentioned. More often than not, these films have underdog stories and climactic moments where one player or team wins in the end. That’s still the case in comedy movies but in the last, you will end up with happiness and joy so, here are some funny dramatic sports movies that will make you laugh and go crazy with joy.

5. Like Mike

Released in the year 2002, The story revolves around a young boy who lives in an orphanage but suddenly he got a pair of old Jordan shoes. Somehow some magical powers erupt inside the shoes. These grant him magical abilities that gift him Jordan’s talents on the court.
Calvin Cambridge (Bow Wow) rides these skills to the NBA. It’s pretty hilarious to watch a child play against NBA players, especially since real stars like Jason Kidd, Dirk Nowitzki, Vince Carter, and Allen Iverson all appear in games alongside him.IMDB has rated this movie a score of 5.4 out of 10 ( 5.4/10).

4. Uncle Drew

It was released in the year 2018. The movie is based on NBA legend Kyrie Irving who is disguised as an old man calling himself Uncle Drew playing against and dominating much younger guys on the basketball court.

It led to a film starring Irving again but he was joined by Shaquille O’Neal, Nate Robinson, Reggie Miller, and Chris Webber who also all play old men. Lisa Leslie, Nick Kroll, Aaron Gordon, and Lil Rel are all in the supporting cast and bring the laughs.IMDB has rated this moviea a score of ( 5.8/10)

3. Teen Wolf (1985)

It was released in the year 1985 a very oldest movie on the list. Teen Wolf depicted the story from the classic ’80s as even if the reviews weren’t overwhelmingly positive at the time, it has gone on to become an iconic pop-culture staple that even led to a dramatic TV series.

Still, there’s something about the original that can’t be topped. Michael J. Fox is both outstanding and charming as Scott Howard, a teenager sick of being average. He transforms into a werewolf and hilariously uses that to become a better basketball player.IMDB has rated this movie (6.1/10).

2. Space Jam

Released in the year 1996 this movie is still a part of gossip among youngsters.
The first movie was released at the perfect time, with the Looney Tunes still being pretty popular and Michael Jordan in the midst of one of his retirements.

Jordan stars as someone who the Looney Tunes bring to their world to compete in a basketball game against the monsters a group of aliens who stole talent from some of the NBA’s best players. The combination of a legendary NBA icon alongside some of the best cartoon characters ever made for some was truly special.IMDB has rated this movie 6.8/10.

1. White Men Can’t Jump

Released in the year 1993. Not only is White Men Can’t Jump the funniest basketball movie ever made but it’s also in the conversation for the best of the bunch. the story is mostly depicted on street rowdy sportsperson It takes things to a smaller scale than the pros as it focuses on a pair of ballers who hustle others in street games for money.

Billy Hoyle (Woody Harrelson) is a former college player who looks like he isn’t good at basketball and uses that to trick his opponents. He partners up with Sidney Deane (Wesley Snipes), a talented player who Billy previously hustled, and they embark on both dramatic and funny games.IMDB has rated this movie ( 7.0/10).

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