Intense Heatwave – Canada Report!

Intense Heatwave - Canada Report

Intense Heatwave’s caused when warm waves are pushed by high pressure in the atmosphere, towards the ground. Heatwave’sare normal for hotter regions but are disastrous in cooler regions. People are ad iced to stay away from direct sun rays, which may affect drastically livings creatures health whether human or animals.

Canada is considered to be one of the coldest countries in the world. Temperature falling as low as 20°C or 30°C is normal there. But for the past few days, there has been such an awful heatwave in Canada, that in some areas of Canada, the temperature reached up to +49.6°C which means almost 50°C.

You would normally expect 50°C temperature in Dubai or some Middle Eastern country, but now it has started showing in countries like Canada. Now the biggest question that arises is how it is even possible? After seeing and collecting all the possible information, we have come to some possibilities.

Intense Heatwave - Canada Report

Let’s first specifically talk about the place where the previous record of temperature was shoved. British Columbia, a state in Canada located in the southwest of Canada, where Lytton named village is situated. Lytton is almost at the same Latitude of 50°N as of Latitude of London.

When summer arises, it has been seen several times that the temperature has exceeded 40°C, but during winter it can be as low as -5°C or -10°C. And the minimum recorded temperature is at -31°C. But for the past few days, the heat was so intense in this small village that it resulted in melting wires and cracking up the roads, just because many villagers did not have air conditioners, so they prefer spending time in public service centers where the air conditioner was an installer or slept in their cars turning up the full air conditioner.

Which automatically invited more heat, at such a level that it caused a fire in the nearby forest which captured 90% of the whole village. According to researchers and scientists, such impart are the result of climate change.

Such sudden change in climate, not only affected man-made but also affected the lives of the people living as well as animals. This intense heatwave caused a flow of 130 death in the area of Vancouver, reported by the Vancouver police, mostly elderly and healthy challenged people. Such an intense heatwave is considered, first time in Canadian history.

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