BTS And 76th UN General Assembly

BTS And 76th UN General Assembly

On 20th September 2021, the most popular South Korean pop group BTS took over the stage at the 76th UN General Assembly. The boy band attended the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Moment 2021 at the 76th UNGA. They got this golden opportunity to speak before an audience of their fans, diplomats, and leaders across the world. BTS was specially invited by the South Korean President – Moon Jae to represent their country and speak about the pandemic and covid generation. However, this was possible due to the band’s association with the anti-violence campaign with UNICEF.

What did the members of the band speak about?

BTS And 76th UN General Assembly

While delivering the speech, K-pop superstars highlighted the current covid situation and how the youth of today managed to adapt it. They said, “We think that instead of the lost generation, a more appropriate name would be the welcome generation. Because instead of fearing change, this generation says, ‘Welcome!’ and keeps forging ahead.”

The members of the band expressed themselves individually by pointing out the important things that the youngsters should follow. J-Hope mentioned the importance of vaccines and how they urged their fans (BTS Army) to get vaccinated. On the other hand, Junkook motivated the audience by saying that we should not consider the future as grim darkness. Instead, we have to look at the brighter side and should not talk like ‘ending has already been written.

Lastly, J-Hope and V wrapped up the speech and said, “We think the day we can meet again face to face is not far away”. But, it didn’t end here! The group also performed on their latest single, “Permission to dance” at the General Assembly Hall. They ended up their performance moving outdoors at the UN Headquarters in New York.

Bringing up the boy band BTS a good decision?

BTS And 76th UN General Assembly

This decision by the South Korean Presidential Office members of bringing out the members of BTS is being appreciated by all. No doubt, this unique move of motivating the youths through a group of successful youths is amazing. However, a spokesperson from the South Korean Presidential Office had earlier stated this decision was made to aware the younger generation about sustainable development and global agendas as well as to strengthen the nation’s diplomatic power around the world.

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