5 Best Live Wallpaper Apps – Android (2021)

5 Best Live Wallpaper Apps - Android (2021)

One day we are in a mood, went to a gallery on our phone or surfed through a site, selected the picture we liked, adjusted, and set it as our wallpaper. This is a story of each one of us with our phones. So here are some best live wallpaper apps for Android users. 

Wallpapers are the digital images used as a background for screens of electronic devices that were first introduced by X Windows System. Only a few solid or simple color patterned images were used as wallpaper only for desktops in the 80s while Microsoft was the first to allow users to customize their desktop’s wallpaper in the 90s. As with the advent of smartphones and several modified versions of PCs, more the wallpaper got modified.
While previously the images used for wallpaper were always supposedly static, just a few years recently software tech companies started launching “live wallpaper ” bringing the era of wallpaper to a whole new height. Live wallpapers are purely animated 2D and 3D images. Unlike ordinary wallpaper, Live wallpaper is dynamic meaning the image will have sort of repeated motions on each interaction with the user and is available through various apps.
Several mobile operating systems and desktop operating systems do support live wallpaper. However, they have their own limits to completely support any associated apps whereas Android is the only one that already has in-built support.

Here are the top 5 best live wallpaper apps for Android users:

5. Muzei Live Wallpaper

5 Best Live Wallpaper Apps - Android (2021)

By Roman Naurik and Ian Lake, Muzei Live Wallpaper uses a huge collection of popular artwork as live wallpaper. One can also opt for their own gallery picture or other picture available online. The blurriness can also be adjusted to highlight widgets of the home screen.

4. Forest live wallpaper

5 Best Live Wallpaper Apps - Android (2021)

The forest of Forest Live Wallpaper by Kaka is basically a simple animated interpretation of the forest. However, its feature makes it interesting and unique. The day or night, weathers, and seasons change at your will(customization) or based on your location. While you customize you can also control the intensity of the movement of trees due to interaction of the screen with the user, light effect, cloudiness and weather.

3. Betta Fish Live Wallpaper

5 Best Live Wallpaper Apps - Android (2021)
Betta Fish Live Wallpaper by is an animation of a single fish that always follows a dot giving an apparency of fish chasing or movements due to curiosity. While the black background is fixed, the physical features can be adjusted. One can also block the movement of fish on finger touch.

2. Water Garden Live Wallpaper

5 Best Live Wallpaper Apps - Android (2021)
Water Garden Live Wallpaper by Illusion soft Inc. has the animation of Koi fishes moving in a shallow depth water garden. On touching the screen, the crystal-clear water shows movements resembling wavelets and the fish’s reactions to these wavelets. One can also customize “feed the fishes”, reflection on the water, type of water Garden, the effect of a raindrop, movements of plants, etc.

1. W. Engine

5 Best Live Wallpaper Apps - Android (2021)
Engine by Wallop has more than thousands of High Definition animated dynamic images of various subjects like anime characters, scenery, galaxy, idols from K-pop, etc., and doesn’t consume too much battery power which is an issue with many live wallpapers. Apart from wallpaper, it can also customize few audios related mobile features such as ringtones and notification sound.


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