Top Five Smartest Animals in World!

Top Five Smartest Animals in World!

Billion years ago, due to constant physical and chemical reactions on simple atmospheric molecules, the earth’s atmosphere became oxidizing from reducing and became the base of the oxygen-dependent life we live today. From simple molecules to coacervates to modern organisms, evolution has always been the key factor on rise and extinction of living and it is the ongoing dynamic natural process which never stops. Today we classify organisms into categories such as bacteria, plants, protists, animals, and fungus based on their complexities, genetics, and phylogenic data which in turn acquired from their evolution.

Among these kingdoms, animals are most complex and advance type. Thanks to evolution some of us animals have developed larger and more complex neural systems improving hunting, cognitive, and communicating skills making the animal live more efficiently.

The following are the top five smartest animals who have successfully dominated on earth:

1. Homo sapiens

Top Five Smartest Animals in World!

Homo sapiens, commonly called modern humans are the most complex and intelligent among all living organisms irrespective of our idiotic negative effect on nature. We are the only living species of our genus Homo. While for a long period of we were endemic to Africa and then later rating to different parts of the world, due to our pure luck on our genetic recombination during miosis we acquired speaking skills was developed making room for improvement of communication skills. From then on, we became more and more adaptive and intelligent at the fastest pace in the history of evolution. Our intelligence is a gift of life. We are the only animals who instead of developing claws or nails we invented tools not only to hunt and build homes but also for various purposes. Instead of reproduction, finding the meaning of life and our identity are the goal of our life. We are the only one who feels boredom and can manipulate our surrounding and our direct effect on nature. We are one of the few animals who have self-consciousness.

2. Cetaceans

Top Five Smartest Animals in World!


They are a group of completely aquatic mammals which include whales and dolphins. Like human cetaceans are socials animals who live and migrate in groups or pods. Among them, some are more intelligent and has been also seen them understanding human gesture and language. They are also believed to have their own complex communication skill mainly involving sonic sounds.

Dolphins are the smartest and most cheerful group among them. They are known to pass the mirror test which is used to check if they have self-awareness and are also quite friendly to humans. In one of the aquariums, they seem to cooperate with marine vets to check any sign of disease and heal visible wounds.

Orca a.k.a killer whale, cute black and white social beings, are the most intelligent and deadliest among dolphins who are known to hunt almost every marine animal. They have very precise and complex hunting skills and can modify according to necessity. They can be very picky on exactly which part they want to eat. In the case of emperor penguins, orca sucks out the entire body part and leaves behind only the wrapper of the body and in the case of sharks, they only suck out the oily liver and leave the body.

3. Magpie

Top Five Smartest Animals in World!

Along with pigeons and few other birds, the magpie is a member of the crow family and is one of the few avians who pass the mirror test. They are one of the smartest animals and are found in several countries. They are popular to collect shiny objects. One researcher on his YouTube channel demonstrated that magpies can be trained to collect bottle caps in exchange for food coming out of. The magpie deposits the collected cap in the hole of a machine and in return food fill drop for him as a reward for his work.

4. Orangutan

Top Five Smartest Animals in World!

These dark orange color, endemic, arboreal primates are found only in Indonesian and Malaysian forests. Along with chimpanzees and humans, they are one of the most intelligent primates. Like chimpanzees, they have great cognitive skills. They are seemed to use sticks and stones as a tool to prick, break and dig things and sometimes even as a means of communication by using a tool to produce sound. It has been demonstrated that like humans they can be taught to use human-made objects such as smartphones and computers for simple tasks and have also successfully passed mirror tests.

5. Octopus

Top Five Smartest Animals in World!

Octopus are non-chordate marine animals. As the name suggests these molluscans have eights hand. Their eyes are highly developed like humans and have been seen storing different types of memories suggested by different experiments. They have been seen learning by watching and from experiences. They can be trained to identify objects and routes. Octopus is also seen to use objects as tools to build homes.

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