Top 5 Saddest K-Drama of All Time!

Top 5 Saddest K-Drama of All Time!

While talking about k-drama, we fans think of humor blend in the emotions of humans in stories. Indeed, the entire team of dramas fairly and successfully showcases the honest emotions of the characters along with the brilliant stories to which every fan has somewhat related. Yes, humor is the charm of any Korean drama but emotions are the ones that give definition and justification to it.
Sadness, happiness, thrill, horror, and excitement are all definitely part of many stories but what makes them different is the way they are delivered, and the amount they are being used. Based on the amount they are being used we tend to classify series into sad, excitement, happy, horror, etc shows.
Like that there k-drama which more sad than happy and even they can make you cry, they can surely wreck your heart.
Here are some of the saddest Korean drama for the folks who want to shed some tears between their happy routines:

Youth of May (2021)

Youth Of May is about the story of the day-to-day life of youths in May 1980 when the uprising, popularly known as the Gwangju uprising, against Government and military was getting strong in the city of Gwangju. While the love story of lead characters and stories of supporting characters may be fictional, the portray of the citizen’s life, fear, and struggles during the Gwangju uprising is real and heart-breaking.
Even the character’s own story itself is pitiful enough to feel sad. Youth Of May clearly depicts to cost of dictatorship and ignorant government which had to occur back in the 20th century and even today.

The Hymn Of Death (2018)

The dialogue, “pitiful life, absorbing in living, you are the one dancing on the blade” from The Hymn Of Death is a sorrowful true story of the first Korean soprano singer, Yun Sim-Deok. The story begins with the suicide of a man and woman from a ship and continues with the story that leads it to their death. The highlights the struggle of Koreans during the Japanese colonial era, the pain of being in a loveless marriage, suffocation, and lifeless life. It’s a story we all can definitely relate to. The feelings are the most relatable element as well all go through it during some phase of our life.

My Mister (2018)

My Mister is a series with which we all relate at each and every episode.  It is a story about a 21 years old intern who is a keen observer and a 40-year-old rigid civil engineer who barely smiles. The story has simple dialogues but has a great impact on viewers. My Mister is not just a love story but stories of every characters of the show who are at different ages and have different situations and struggles but the show manages to cope up and live with it. The story of struggle, endurance, and trying to overcome and find happiness is what we all do in real life.

18 Again! (2020)

Don’t you dare be fooled by the funny trailer as along with happiness and humour to make us smile and laugh, it has a sadness to feel sorry and cry. 18 Again! Is indeed a funny show but the relationship among family members, misunderstandings, and “sounds simple but are actually painful” confessions of children make the story sad.

Hotel Del Luna (2019)

Yes, the series is a hilarious and entertaining horror movie but yet it still counts as one of the sad Korean dramas. Hotel Del Luna is about a greedy, centuries-old woman running a special hotel only for souls who want to rest and fulfill their last wishes before departing for an afterlife. The departure of souls and their sad stories make the series sad.

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