The Most Anticipated Animated Movies of 2021 For Adults Which Will Make You Feel Like A Kid

The Most Anticipated Animated Movies of 2021 For Adults Which Will Make You Feel Like A Kid

Whether be it Tom and Jerry, Doraemon, dragon ball z or Pokémon animation has been part of our life and as our friends. We all adults can agree that we had watched anime making our golden childhood more cheerful.
As we grew older, we somehow got distanced from our virtual childhood friend but now more and more people are making new routes to meet our old friend. Some of watch only as a new means of entertainment or to enjoy and remember our childhood either way we get connected to our inner child.
Some of the most anticipated anime movies of 2021 are as follows for those who want to connect to their childhood:

1. Natsume Book Of Friends: The Walking Rock and The Strange Visitor

It is a Japanese animation movie which was released in January 2021, is based on the manga of Natsume book of friends. The movie is about High Schooler Natsume and his fat cat-youkai Nyanko sensei who notices a strange man visiting Tanuma, friend of Natsume who can blurrily see youkai, receiving negative effect on himself.

2. Tom & Jerry The Movie

The world-famous enemy-friends Tom & Jerry back with their live-action movie Tom & Jerry The Movie where Tom, the pianist, meets with his fated enemy Jerry, is in search of a new home, fights and end up chasing each other in the hotel where a famous celebrity is going to have a wedding. The movie was released in the month of February of 2021 and earned a box office of around 133 million USD.

3. Jujutsu Kaisen 0: The Movie

The list is incomplete without mentioning the movie Jujutsu Kaisen 0: The Movie. There is no fan who is fan of Gojo Satoru and Jujutsu Kaisen. The immense hype for the series was so high, it was obvious that the hype for the movie is also high as the sky. It is announced to release on the 24th of December, 2021.
However, the focus will not be on the main character but on a kind of new character Yuta Okkotsu who was frequently mentioned in the series. He and the 2nd year trio: Maki, panda, and Toge will be the main cast of the movie. The movie will show how and why he became jujutsu and his discovery of the reality of some of the powerful people who run the jujutsu school.

4. Raya and the Last Dragon

Walt Disney is yet with another anticipated animated movie Raya and the Last Dragon which is about Raya, daughter of the chief of a tribe called Heart of Kumundra, who is set to find lost pieces of gem to stop the devil Drunn. The movie receives positive praise from viewers on its release and grossed about 123million USD.

5. My Hero Academia: world Heroes’ Mission

Every anime lover must have watched or at least have heard about the series My Hero Academia. It’s their third movie My Hero Academia: world Heroes’ mission was released on August 2021 which hit the box office about 28 million USD.

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