Top 5 Best Netflix K-Drama

Top 5 Best Netflix K-Drama

With the rise of connectivity of the internet and ongoing pandemic, online shows became a part of our daily
dose of entertainment. Whether be it an American rom-com show, an Indian daily soap or K-drama we
all want its taste to satisfy our craving for entertainment. One of them is K-dramas which are Korean
based television and web series with a variety of genre and unique stories. They are available on various
online platforms including the popular one, Netflix.
Here are the top five k-drama one should definitely watch on Netflix:


Top 5 Best Netflix K-Drama

Nevertheless is a highly romantic webtoon based TV series starring Song Kang (Jae-eon), Han So-
Hee(Yun Na-Bi), Chae Jong Hyeop(Yang Do-Hyeok). It is a story of a highly attractive, flirtatious
playboy butterfly, Jae-eon and a “I know but he is hot” girl, Yun Na-Bi being in an uncertain
sexual relationship. The story fairly shows the complexities and dynamics of a relationship. It is a
fresh series with which everyone can relate to.

Hotel Del Luna

Top 5 Best Netflix K-Drama
Hotel Del Luna is dark fantasy rom-com TV series where a mysterious Seoul based Hotel only
attends souls who wants to rest and fulfill unfinished businesses before departing to the afterlife.
The hotel is run by owner Jang Man-wol(lee Jieun) who has committed a grave sin several
thousand years ago and an elite manager Gu Chan-sung (Yeo-Jingoo) who is a mortal and agreed
to sever as manager due to a deal done between his father and Man-wol. The story not only
revolves around the owner and the manager but also depicts various stories of guest ghosts
reflecting on desires, greed and emotions of the human world.

Sky castle

Top 5 Best Netflix K-Drama
The series Sky Castle starring Kim Seo Hyung (Kim Joo Young), Oh Na-ra ( Jin Jin-hee), Yoon Se
ah( No Seung-Hye), Yum Jung-ah( Han Seo-jun) is a dark comedy educational and psychological
TV drama. It depicts the story of upper-class parent’s greed to make their children successful by
any means. The story highlights the distorted relationship between parents and children,
constant high peer pressure, psychological traumas and effects of parents on children, etc.,
which in reality we see among various families.


Top 5 Best Netflix K-Drama
It is a woman empowering story of three women in their mid-thirties working for South Korea’s
most popular web portals, Unicon and Barro. The story highlights their struggles in professional
as well as personal life. It shows character developments and their competitiveness to make their
company no.1. The series is for people who want inspiration to work passionately. It provides
various examples of enthusiasm and matureness to deal with problems which somehow, we all
want these qualities in real life. Search: WWW also doesn’t fail to show the feeling of uncertainty,
helplessness, and hopelessness even if one has become an adult.


Top 5 Best Netflix K-Drama

Extracurricular is a 2020 web series starring Kim Dong Hee, Park Ju-Hyun, Nam Yun Ju, Jung Da-bin is a
crime drama about teens adolescents. It depicts the illegal means to earn cash, bullying, greed, and
every criminal activity one can imagine. The series successfully puts the viewer constantly on edge as no one can predict what will happen next.

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