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Top 5 Horror Movie That we Should Probably Watch

Top 5 Horror Movie That we Should Probably Watch

Horror movies, when people say or think about horror or movies related to horror, some relate it with fear, some compare as entertainment whereas some take it as their favorites. Horror films are made for a purpose, to give viewer’s the feeling of fear, excitement, entertainment, etc.

If you are a fan of horror films/movies then from the viewer’s experience and votes, these are the top 5 horror movies that can stand up to your expectations.

1. IT 


A box office hit IT is a story adapted from a novel by Stephen King. It is a story of a clown, a clown which normally means as insincere, but in the movies, it is presented as an insincere traumatic creature that brings children into trauma in a very horrific way. It is a 2017 film released on September 8th. Directed by Andy Muschietti. IT is a scary and fun movie available on Netflix.

2. Insidious 


Directed by James Wan, and it is a 2010 film, was released on 1st April 2011. It also has 3-4 parts related to each other. Here it shows as a happy family of four’ shifts in a new house unaware that it was haunted by a vicious spirit that takes control over obe of their son and puts him in a coma. Upon some experience, it is a very horrifying film that is full of many scary scenes. This movie is available on Netflix.

3. Sinister 


It is a 2012 film, directed by none -other than Scott Derrickson. According to viewers, it is the most scariest movie made during 2016. Here the plot is played as a new family shift in a new house in which the owner and his family member were killed. It is a very creepy and scary movie ever made. Watch it on Netflix.

4. Halloween 


Halloween is 1978 an old but unbeatable, even without the graphics or edits, among today’s creativity but still, horror movies of that time are listed in legends. It is an old film with some tension, thriller, and scariness. It was directed by John carpenter it is an old film but still is on top and has kept the legacy sofa. It is a very scary film, must be watched by netizens, if not then we would like to recommend watching it on Netflix.

5. The Exorcist


The exorcist is a 1973 film, it may not be seen as a crazy or horror movie, but still are known as most horror films, based on voters by the viewers and netizens. It is a mysterious movie directed by William Friedkin and was released on November 23th, watch it on Netflix.

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