Fans reaction on Kim Nam-Joon aka RM’s Birthday

Fans reaction on Kim Nam-Joon aka RM's birthday

12 September, a special day for every army across the world, yes a special day, the day everyone was waiting for. The most wanted, world-famous BTS, a k-pop band, leader Kim Namjoon Joon also known as RM’S birthday is celebrated today. Today BTS leader RM has turned 27 years old (28 according to South Korea).

Everyone, including BTS members and armies all across the world, are celebrating RM’S birthday. As we all know BTS and his army, both are unique and genuine in expressing their feeling towards each other, as even their world revolves around each other. Army’s help and support every decision take by BTS.

To celebrate RM’S birthday armies has again found many unique ways to celebrate their favorite leader’s birthday. As we all know RM is a nature lover, a books lover, and also love’s all cozy things. As Army has dedicated today as RM’S day, so they have decided to many different projects related to RM’S likeliness.

Fans reaction on Kim Nam-Joon aka RM's birthday

Army’s whole across has setup main projects on RM’s hobbies, such as Indian armies from Mizoram have setup banner’s for blood donations camp. According to Mizoram armies, they are trying to keep up the good work just like their influencer(RM). Veteran Army has named their hometown as “Namjooning” as they find that place as peaceful healing as Namjoon, as he also never fails to heal armies with his hard work and enthusiasm.

Many armies have also set up book donation projects, as one of RM’S hobbie is reading books, armies have set this project to spread this goodness by sharing and donating books. And every person donating 10 books also gets benefited by 1 ticket. As RM is a nature lover, some Army’s have also started project of planting trees. This effort is made in order to save forests and spread happiness everywhere.

Many more projects such as RM’S gallery, where armies collect RM’s drawings from everywhere for display. Armies are also designing their one layouts for RM’s day. Even billboards have also posted a clip of RM to show their affection in New York.

Not only Army’s BTS members also love their best leader, best friend, best brother wholeheartedly, deeply, and affectionately. So members have also posted their best wishes in their own unique ways on their tweets. BTS members Jin and V have wishes by recording their voice in high and deep voices, whereas Sugar wishes by implying RM as a true leader and on the other hand J-hope wishes by posting few memorable photos of him and RM. Jimin and JK are yet to post.

Let’s share how you are wishing and celebrating BTS Rapper, Songwriter, Record producer’s and one and only leader Kim Nam Joon aka RM’s birthday in your unique ways.

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