Top 5 – 2021 Best Call Blocker Apps (Android)

Top 5 - 2021 Best Call Blocker Apps (Android)

Android is one of the most used OS than any other OS, android users have mostly featured smartphones because of the machine learning and open source based on Linux kernel. As we live in a modern world the privacy issues are becoming more concern points to look. People are using a different way of spamming calls, mostly to disturb you. There are more than 100+ Call blocker apps in Google Play Store so we had mentioned them below with their ratings and personal reviews.

Most of them are easy to use and easy user interface. These apps are the most downloaded apps for call blocking and for spam calls. Some of the apps also have features like blocking calls and SMS of ever-spammed ones. To know in more detail you can read the reviews of every application.

Best 5 – Call Blocker Android Apps 2021

5. Should I Answer?

Top 5 - 2021 Best Call Blocker Apps (Android)

This is a free download app and it doesn’t cost anything, it has other In-app purchases too and needs at least the Andriod 6.0+ version platform. This call blocking is a great and easy option as it is simple to interface. This app itself has spam number records and spam messages records database which constantly gets updates every day. It shows the number as spam or an unknown if it is not added to your contacts. If the app spots the spam number then it matches it with its servers and automatically switches it to block number and its simple AI software helps it.

There are also other features like adding the number to block contacts and the app is also programmed such that when it is not connected to the internet it, it can block all blocked and spam numbers. The downloads the recent spammed messages and spam calls from its server to the local database. It updates your local database by every time when your phone is connected to the internet. The app’s User Interface is very simple and easy to operate.

4. Call Blocker by Fiorenza Francesco

Top 5 - 2021 Best Call Blocker Apps (Android)

This call blocker is free to download and this app also has in-app purchases and needs at least an Android 4.1+ version platform. Call blocker by Fiorenza Francesco is available on Google Play Store and is one of the best apps to block your spam call and spam messages. Its UI is not really impressive but it’s easy for getting into it. The UI design is simple and you can set various numbers to block unwanted calls, spam numbers, telemarketing calls, etc…

3. Calls Blacklist

Top 5 - 2021 Best Call Blocker Apps (Android)

The call blocklist is free to download with in-app purchases and varies with Android devices. Calls Blocklist is a good call blocker app, this app can make your call blocked very easily by allowing it. Mainly the UI design is quite impressive than any other call blocker apps. Every type of calls are blocked like telemarketing, spam calls, robocalls, etc…

Its cloud backup is very impressive, whenever you switch your smartphone and you re-login, the server sets every setting that you have done at the previous app. This is a very light app, it takes less than 50MB of storage in your phone. To try some fancy features and anything more privacy, this app allows you but it requires a subscription i.e. in-app purchases.

2. Hiya

Top 5 - 2021 Best Call Blocker Apps (Android)

This app is a most downloaded app in Google Play Store and needs at least an Andriod 5.0+ version platform. Moreover, it is free to download and some in-app purchases. This is very interesting as compared to any call blocker app and mainly it automatically switches if you put it on DND modes. There are many features inside this app which way better than compared to other call blocker apps. The design is very attractive and nice-looking to the eyes. The app identifies the number when there is no connection to internet connectivity.

1. Truecaller

Top 5 - 2021 Best Call Blocker Apps (Android)

This very awesome call blocker app as compared to other apps. Mostly it is free to download, needs at least an Android 4.0+ version platform to work properly. This the most trusted and most downloaded call blocker apps. This app allows you to set your priorities and privacy. If someone is stalking your number it shows it in the notification bar but thus needs a subscription to the app. Truecaller’s a new update of design and UI has become more familiar that you can easily get all your settings, contacts, and messages on one single screen. There are no extra tabs to find your need for this app. Everything is placed on the Home menu of the app.

It handles spam calls or messages easily without the internet. The server is always connected but it needs an internet connection throughout.

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