C. I Ape movie trailer review, release date and more!

C. I Ape movie trailer review, release date and more!

C.I.Ape a comedy film with some action moves. As the name suggests a chimpanzee will be seen as the main character with a group of teens, will also perform as their action leader, and of course they will be presented as a group of C.I.A, who will be protecting their planet from enemies.

The acting director of C.I.Ape is Ali Zamani. From our sources, we were informed that Ali Zamani is a newcomer in the field of directing a film and, being a director is his life goal and only dream. He established his own company and has also directed many commercials and music videos and has also received some awards.

Release Date

As being a beginner, he might be determined to achieve his goals, his new film C.I.Ape is going to be released on 28th September 2021, and the trailer is out already, you can watch it on youtube, also Ace Entertainment films has produced it, which has also produced many film’s, etc.

C. I Ape movie trailer review, release date and more!

Just as the director, the cast of this film are also new in the acting industries, some might also have debuted in this film. The actors are Sophia Alongi, Madelyn Kientz, Ginifer Ree, Skip Schwenk, Christy Tate, Lorri Bohnert, Scott Anthony Gould, Sorjia Buford, etc, have played their respective roles efficiently.

We are not here to justify anyone or to play for or against games with anyone. We just want to say that instead of criticizing someone we should appreciate their hard work and dedication towards their work and should also support newcomers so that they can try to achieve their set goals instead of ongoing into depression.

Hope many and many more will watch C.I.Ape film for entertainment and will support their work instead of criticizing them as we don’t want to read cases related to depression. Let’s hope for the best.

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