Latest News: Heartbreaking moment Singer Sarah Harding dies from breast cancer!

Latest News: Heartbreaking moment Singer Sarah Harding dies from breast cancer!

On 5 September on this auspicious teacher’s day morning, this bad news was confirmed when her mom Mrs. Marie hardman tweeted crying that my daughter ” she passed away peacefully in sleep”. Sarah has been combating with cancer for the last few years. She fought so strongly but cannot overcome it. Her mom was already informed by the doctor to be prepared that this might happen Somewhere this year.

Heartbreak moment for their fans who loved her a lot she was given the title ” aloud singer” of crowds and cheers in millions a very beautiful lovely personality. He was very much applauded by their friends sharing a lot of pics on social media of their happy moments and their funnies.

Latest News: Heartbreaking moment Singer Sarah Harding dies from breast cancer!

Sarah’s Harding life: She was an independent lady from an escort, the United Kingdom studied at St Cuthbert’s Primary School very hard working dedicated towards her family and work. she has grown up facing a lot of problems in her family besides this she faced a lot of failures in her singing career too. In the 2000’s she gave her first shot to rise in front of the pop stars she was so nervous but her talent she was selected she became a member of aloud group.

After that she never looked back she Achieved consecutive ten singles in 2012 she sang lots of Hit songs like the promise, love machine, jump, Run for your wife. After 2012 many people started following him she was an idol for everyone followed his hairstyle dressing which was a trend at that phase.
She was in a relationship with two guys first with DJ tom Crane famous background artist their relationship didn’t last for more than a year lots of fights and misconfusion appeared among them and they decided to broke up this made her depressed and she got accused of alcohol drinking and sent to rehab center in South Africa.
After few months she returned and fall into a relationship with DJ MARK Foster this also didn’t last for more than 2 years ( 2012-2014) and this too got finished but they are too very best friends till now.

Latest News: Heartbreaking moment Singer Sarah Harding dies from breast cancer!

After that, she decided not to leave in a relationship and began to move on with her passion of singing. she then rose up and in 2017 she won celebrity big brother.

Soon after this achievement she has been diagnosed with breast cancer she fought well but at last, has to give up. Very famous and of great personality daughter Sarah Harding that every mom should be proud of she died but left behind her footprints that always be dedicated at your passion you shall be great one day.
A heartbreaking moment for all fans but besides being sad you must work hard to be successful because it’s time to provide new talented singers like Sarah Harding rather than crying on this matter.” I wish she must be thinking off who might take his place”.

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