Netflix has released: “Money Heist” Season 5!

Netflix has released: "Money Heist" Season 5!

The most awaited Spanish series Money Heist is finally back with its fifth season which will also be a last part of this famous Netflix series, as it is said to end with its fifth season. Long waited fans/viewers have finally got see their favourite Spain TV drama, which is different from other dramas as instead of releasing weekly or every day, it releases in a day.

It is the 5th season of the series Money Heist, In this series consists of total ten episodes whose first five has been released on 3rd September 2021, and the second, five will be released on 3rd December 2021, season 5 is divided into two half.

Netflix has released: "Money Heist" Season 5!

This crime drama concept is created by non-other than Alex Pina, who is both director and written of this splendid series. Alex Pina is a famous Spanish TV series and drama producer and writer, who is also known as a series creator. Some of his works such as Locked up, The pier, Poca’s men, etc., has also shared the limelight. He has also received many awards and once was also listed as the Top International Showrunner.

The actors who efficiently played their respective roles are Ursula Corbera, Alvaro Morte, Itziar Ituna, Pedro Alonsa, Paco Tous, Alba Flores, Miguel Herran, Jaime Lorente, Esther Acebo. In series, they addressed themselves according to cities names as Tokyo, The professor the leader and mastermind of the whole robbery, Lisbon, Berlin, Mascow, Nairobi, Rio, Denver, and Stockholm. There are also many actors who have played their roles perfectly.

Netflix has released: "Money Heist" Season 5!

As everyone is informed, this famous series Money Heist whose name in Spanish is spelled as La casa de Papel is a drama related to crime in which bank robbery is featured. The story goes in such a way, as once a group of eight robbers hijacked a Spain bank with 67 people, and anyhow they succeeded in their plan. With this confidence, they again plan to, re-process their previous tricks with new twists and turns.

Season 5 is the continuous and last part of this on going story. Has reached the maximum views on their first half and is still going on and viewers are also eagerly waiting for the last half of the series. We won’t be a spoiler, instead, go and watch it, if you have not watched yep. It is a famous original series of and on Netflix.

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