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First to Disclose : All teams squad – Final date Updated for Under 19 World Cup 2022

Disclosing all teams squad/ final date for under 19 world cup 2022

We have explored inspected and figured out the entire squad for all teams. Plz, visit us at for early updates.

The entire championship is going to be held in the West Indies in 2022. It is the first time that any ICC world trophy is going to take place in the west indies. West Indies is going to host these world championship stadiums in which matches will be played Albion Sports Complex ( Albion),
Mindoo Phillip Park ( Castries), Queen’s park gold ( st.George’s).This will be an interesting contest between the whole of sixteen teams in WI grounds consist of literally shorter boundaries so the crowd will go crazy watching huge sixes. it could be anyone’s game.

Disclosing all teams squad/  final date for under 19 world cup 2022

1. Zimbabwe Squad

  • Wesley Madhavere (VC)
  • Emmanuel Bawa
  • Privilege Hesa
  • Gareth Chirawu
  • Ahomed Rameez Ebrahim
  • Dylan grant
  • Alistair Frost
  • Dion Myers (C)
  • Tadiwanashe Marumani
  • Sukhemuzi Ndlela
  • Tadiwanashe Nyangani
  • Luke Oldknow
  • Dane Schadendorf
  • Milton Shumba
  • Taurayi TuTugwete

Zimbabwe is ranked 13th in number amongst best ODI’s teams and is a full member of ICC since 1992. their squad consists of a very balanced side with lots of part-time bowlers and all-rounders their batting lineup is good but too facing form issues and cannot resist fast bowling attack so a weak team considering in terms of competing for the world best. let’s see what they have got to reflect in this world cup.

2. West indies

  • Kimani Mellius (C)
  • Kelvin Anderson
  • Daniel Beckford
  • Matthew Forde
  • Joshua James
  • Mbeki Joseph
  • Leonardo Julien
  • Avinash Mahabirsingh
  • kirk Mckenzie
  • Antonio Morris
  • Ashmead Nedd
  • Matthew Patrick
  • Jayden Seales
  • Ramon Simmond
  • Nyeem Young

West Indies are definitely the favorites considering this whole series as the home team is practicing a lot hard on their wickets to smash everyone in the field. Their team is capable of hitting long sixes and chasing any total put on before them a lot of faith upon this young side .let’s see what happens at the point of time.

Disclosing all teams squad/  final date for under 19 world cup 2022

3. Sri Lanka

• Kamil Mishara ( WC)
• Nipun Dhananjaya ( C)
• Ashian Daniel
• Sonal Dinusha
• Thaveesha Kahaduwaarachchi
• Dilshan Madhushanka
• Kamil Mishara
• Kavindu Nadeeshan
• Navod Paranavithana
• Matheesha Pathirana
• Ravindu Rasantha
• Mohammed Shamaaz
• Amshi de silva
• Sudeera Thilakaratne
• Ahan Wickramasinghe
• Chamindu Wijesinghe

The Sri Lankan team is quite well built to fight in this ICC trophy. Their top order are going through good forms they have batters who are capable of hitting long sixes in the end following with a very good spin attack so overall this team will have a good impact on this series.

4. South Africa

• Bryce Parsons ( C)
• Khanya Cotani ( VC)
• Luke Beaufort
• Jonathan Bird
• Merrick Brett
• Achille Cloete
• Gerald Coetzee
• Tyrese Karelse
• Mondli Khumalo
• Jack lees
• Andrew Louw
• Levert Manje
• Odirile Modimokoane
• Pheku Moletsane
• Tiaan Van Vuuren

South Africa team Lacks in good young players. Keeping in mind this whole series they are not in a position to make it to super eight too. Next, they cannot undergo pressure in conditions and their skipper going through form issues.

5. Scotland

• Angus Guy (C)
• Daniel Cairns
• Jamie Cairns
• Jasper Davidson
• Ben Davidson
• Sean Fischer-Keogh
• Callum Grant
• Rory Hanley
• Tom Mackintosh
• Euan Mcbeth
• Liam Naylor
• Charlie Peet
• Lyle Robertson
• Kess Sajjad
• Uzzair Shah

Scotland team has been suffering a lot of losses within 2 years of the instance. they have played over 117 matches in whole and their winning number has a difference of 24 to losses. 43 won 67 lost. this team will be a treat to watch what its impact be in this series.

Disclosing all teams squad/  final date for under 19 world cup 2022

6. Pakistan

• Rohail Nazir ( C, Wk)
• Haider Ali ( VC)
• Abbas Afridi
• Qasim Akram
• Aamir Ali
• Arish Ali khan
• Abdul Bangalzai
• Mohammad Haris
• Fahad Munir
• Mohammad Huraira
• Tahir Hussain
• Irfan Khan
• Mohammad Amir Khan
• Mohammad Wasim
• Naseem Shah

Pakistan team Comprised of the balanced side they have a knockdown very close games that too with a very strong side. This team has got a very good bowling attack they are capable of defending any total against any team. looking forward to their skipper and how their team will perform.

7. Nigeria

• Sylvester Okape ( C)
• Mohammed Taiwo ( VC)
• Rasheed Abolarin
• Peter Aho
• Miracle Akhigbe
• Shehu Audu
• Oche boniface
• Isaac Danladi
• Miracle Ikaige
• Akhere Isesle
• Abdulrahman Jimoh
• Samuel Mba
• Olayinka Olaleye
• Sulaimon Runsewe
• Ifeanvichukwu Uboh

The Nigeria team has got nothing to do with this whole world cup session. But they have a chance of play in this series. And will be quiet enough but they can let down any strong team from reaching to qualifiers overall this team is approaching well so let’s not miss them guys when they will be on the field.

8. Japan

• Marcus Thurgathe ( C,Wk)
• Neel Date ( VC)
• Maximilian Clements
• Tushar Chaturvedi
• Kento Ota- Dobell
• Ishan Fartyal
• Sora Ichiki
• Leon Mehlig
• Masato Morita
• Shu Noguchi
• Yugandhar Retharekar
• Debashish Sahoo
• Reiji Suto
• Kazamasu Takahashi
• Ashley Thurgate

Japan and Nigeria are kind of the same order they can give tough fights to other losing teams to reach the qualifiers. Anyways never miss the match as anything can go in favor of anyone you never know.

9. India

• Priyam Garg ( C)
• Dhruv Jurel ( VC)
• Atharva Ankolekar
• Ravi Bishnoi
• Shubhang Hegde
• Yashasvi Jaiswal
• Kumar Kushagra ( WK)
• Sushant Mishra
• Vidyadhar Patil
• Shashwat Rawat
• Divyaansh Saxena
• Akash Singh
• Kartik Tyagi
• Tilak Varma
• Siddhesh veer

India is the most consistent team to be looked at on this phase of the world cup. players are pretty much in the form they have played around with international players in IPL so they have got experience and confidence to fight any team on the field. It will be a treat to watch them play .this team has got a lot of potentials to fight till the finals of this championship. So eager to see what happens??

10. England

• George Balderson ( C )
• Kasey Aldridge
• Ben Charlesworth
• Tom Clark
• Jordan Cox
• Blake Cullen
• Scott Currie
• Harry duke ( wk)
• Joey Evison
• Lewis Goldsworthy
• Hamidullah Qadri
• Jack Haynes
• George Hill ( VC)
• Dan Mousley
• Sam young

England team a great side to fight that reflect lots of all-rounders and a very good batting line up they can chase any total put by the opposing side so in my instance this team would give a tough fight to all the other teams the only problem they face during the match is the pressure they are not acquainted of this at all so they might be trying to get over this and alas will be ready to defeat every team who comes their way. Not to miss guys.

11. Canada

• Ashtan Deosammy ( C)
• Harmandeep Singh Bedi
• Benjamin Calitz
• Arshdeep Dhaliwal
• Gurjot Gosal
• Rishiv Joshi
• Muhammad kamal
• Akhil Kumar
• Nicholas Manohar
• Mihir Patel
• Randhir Sandhu
• Eshan Sensarma
• Raqib Shamsudeen
• Ayush Verma
• Udaybir Walia

Their team must not be the convenient one but Canada has always been capable enough to qualify for the under 19 world cup. They have been doing this for a long time so they are the consistent performers and they can shine at any moment of the game so never miss them playing on west indies wicket.

First to disclose all teams squad/ final date for under 19 world cup 2022

12. Bangladesh

• Akbar Ali ( C)
• Towhid Hridoy (VC)
• Mrittunjoy Chowdhury
• Avishek das
• Parvez Hossain Emon
• Meherob Hasan
• Rakibul Hasan
• Tanzid Hasan
• Mahmudul Hasan joy
• Shahadat Hossain
• Shamim Hossain
• Shoriful Islam
• Hasan Murad
• Pratik Nawrose Nabil
• Tanzim Hasan Sakib
• Mohammad Shahin

Bangladesh were the former winners of this title so nothing to say they are the best and kept on building this momentum till now. They haven’t lost any series they are in quiet touch they are the champs. Let us see how all other teams are preparing to plan against this team to see their name written on this phase of world cup battle will surely be harsh but this time it’s a different wicket waiting to see how they perform outside of their homes.

13. Australia

• Mackenzie Harvey ( C)
• Cooper Connolly
• Oliver Davies
• Sam Fanning
• Jake Fraser – Mcgurk
• Lachlan Hearne
• Corey kelly
• Liam marshall
• Todd Murphy
• Patrick Rowe
• Tanveer Sangha
• Liam Scott
• Bradley Simpson
• Connor Sully
• Matthew Willans

This team collapsed a lot after 2010. Much of their players are inconsistent and running out of form they haven’t performed well this year too lost a lot of series .australian team need a good bit of coach and players to remain in this championship and to fight. With this team, it is not been possible but a lot of expectations have always been kept on this team as Australia earlier was a terror but a sudden crisis is a great issue among the supporters .so unlikely they might fight back in this world cup.

14. New Zealand

• Jesse Tashkof ( C)
• Adithya Ashok
• Kristian Clarke
• Hayden Dickson
• Joey field
• David Hancock
• Simon Keene
• Fergus Lellman
• Nicholas Lidstone
• Rhys Mariu
• William O’ Rourke
• Ben Pomare
• Quinn Sunde
• Beckham-wheeler Greenall
• Oliver White

New Zealand team has improved themselves to a very high extent they can be the most challenging ones in the whole championship their skipper Jesse Tashkof is in good form and is leading the team very well their performance has gone quite better in an era
excited to watch them.

15. The United Arab Emirates

United and Scotland these two teams are treated to watch when they take on each others, they have a weak side as compared to other teams hardly chances of qualifying in this championship. this team has undergone severe wins and losses too so can’t say how far they can move on.

16. Afghanistan

Very Bad news stating on Afghanistan team there is a lot of doubt regarding their participation in this championship As Taliban has taken over all of Afghanistan. Everyone is praying for the protection of all sportsperson in afghan and their families. Afghanistan is under the clutches of the Taliban so there are a lot of hustle-bustle going on in this issue. No further updates have been given on for this team. Afghanistan is suffering very harsh times economic crisis fell on afghan since the Taliban takeover. The country is busy combating with Taliban so situations are so bad These might depict a few chances of their participation in ICC under 19 world cup. In this situation, their safety is more important than participation.
As of my inspection, I found out that under 19 cricket world cup is going to held in west indies between 18 January to 12 February 2022. But looking forward to the country’s emergency this date might be extended by the day. hope you could see afghans at the cricket world cup. I hope the world cup in the west indies will be a new experience for all other teams as they are not acquainted with this wicket. Overall we will be amazed to see a great contest among these teams fighting for their pride and respect to achieve this world cup trophy. Best of luck to both the teams.

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