5 cheapest and popular resorts/ hotels in qatar

5 cheapest and popular resorts/ hotels in qatar

1.hotel LA villa
Price upto 2,500-3,000
It is situated at lbn aqueel street, near gold souq, Doha, Qatar. this place is surrounded by shops and eatables it lies in a busy market. It will literally take about five minutes to drive from Doha international airport to reach this place. It is a very old building It is a rundown hotel and will provide you minimum facilities but it’s good for your accommodation. I stayed there for one night Rooms were cheap and not maintained well but all the other stuff was good. * food was delicious * bathrooms were clean * safe to stay as a very well mannered staff and very helpful overall I was happy by their hospitality. One must resident here as it is good too budget-friendly.

5 cheapest and popular resorts/ hotels in qatar
2.Rawda hotel ,Qatar
Price upto 3,000-4,000
It is approximately 1.4 miles away from the center of Doha placed in a lovely area of AI muntazah. It is situated nearest to Hamad international airport this is a most visited spot for visitors and it provides very fine accommodations with very negligible charges. Rooms are Air-conditioned and are very clean services are fast and maintained well that too with free WiFi connection installed, tasty food, and an awesome swimming pool to chill out! One must surely visit this hotel it is the most suitable and admired place for settlement.

3.Hotel Horizon Manor
Price up to 3,750- 4,250
It is placed opposite the street of the Iconic museum of Islamic arts providing an exotic view of the Arabian Gulf on corniche road and a spirited skyline on the west bay. Rooms are cleaned with all sorts of facilities and excellent service. It has too got free WiFi connections,flat-screen TV, rooftop pool, apart of all these special minibars to chill and party with friends .all variety of rooms are available here * smoking room *suites * family rooms What more would an individual want best within budget most favorable nightspot for accommodation…

5 cheapest and popular resorts/ hotels in qatar
4.Plaza Inn Doha
Price up to 4,000-4,500
It is situated at al Meena Street, Doha, Qatar
Rooms are small and need to be improved they are not spacious staffs were good and very many friendly .bathroom were cleaned and maintained well It serves you delicious Indian food and it has too got rooftop pool servers quite interrupted internet facility not good. But overall on average, they provide you very good hospitality if you like to settle here.

5.hotel saraya corniche
Price up to 4,350-5,000
It is placed at Al Safiya street, zone no.18, building no.1, Doha, Qatar.
It is considered a five-star hotel but just by name. one of my friends visited here interior of the room was so shabby and was not maintained well furniture were not clean. service quite low staffs are rude continuous power cuts food they served was OK. but overall a very bad experience please don’t visit this hotel it is not good at all its better that you save money and accommodate yourself into above listed any hotel.

So, hey guys these are some choices, experiences, and reviews of me and my friends.
hope this helps you find the best hotel that will be convenient for you.

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