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5 Games That You Should Play on 2021

5 Games That You Should Play on 2021

1. Life is Strange

5 Games That You Should Play on 2021

It’s one of the first episodic games I’ve ever played. The story centers on Max Caulfield, a student who discovers she has the ability to reverse time at any moment, leading her and her friend Chloe Price investigating the mysterious disappearance of Rachel Amber, a fellow student who vanished under suspicious circumstances. Throughout the five episodes, Max will learn how to use her power as she tries to save Arcadia Bay from destruction. This is an emotional roller coaster ride for sure! If you like adventure games (you move around solving puzzles) then this game would be perfect for you; however, if you’re looking for a game with fast-paced action, you might want to look somewhere else. Also, just like other adventure games, it can be frustrating at times but that’s to be expected. At first, I thought the high school drama and romance were a bit cheesy but as I watched the story unfold (pun intended) it made sense why they added those elements; it’s perfect for this kind of game.

2. Legend of Korra

5 Games That You Should Play on 2021

I’m not sure if anyone remembers this but there was a time when Nickelodeon didn’t make crappy reality shows and let the creators do what they wanted to do, which created great cartoons. This is one of those: The Legend of Korra, an animated series that follows the reincarnation of Avatar Aang from the original show, The Last Airbender. After the defeat of Fire Lord Ozai (the main villain from season 2), Korra travels to Republic City where she trains with Tenzin (Aang and Katara’s son), only to discover a dangerous faction known as The Equalists who intend to overthrow Republic City’s government by force using their leader Amon’s blood bending powers. If you’re a fan of The Last Airbender, you’ll love this show even more. It has some great arcs, action scenes, and characters (and I like how Korra isn’t the only badass bender in the world; Mako is just as skilled as her). The third season wasn’t that good but it’s not bad either.

3. Bioshock Series

5 Games That You Should Play on 2021

Now we’re getting into the triple-A titles here with one of my favorite game series out there: Bioshock. It’s dark, atmospheric, and makes you question your morals. All three games tell the story of a city called Rapture, created by Andrew Ryan who envisioned an isolated community that would be free from worldly influences, where individuals could work hard to improve themselves without getting hurt or affected by other people. The main character you control is Jack, a man on a mission to rescue his little sister who’s trapped in Rapture. Throughout the series you will encounter many characters and creatures known as splicers whose emotions got twisted after taking too much ADAM; it increases people’s strength but comes at a cost – their humanity. I love Bioshock so much because it can be viewed in different ways:

It has great shooting mechanics with amazing powers/weapons (each game has something new)

You can choose to be a hero (with your powers) or a terrible person (without them). You are free to do whatever you want.

Bioshock 2 has one of the best stories out there, although it’s been criticized for not being as good as the original; I think that’s because Bioshock is kind of hard to top! Although all three games are great in their own way, my favorite game is Part 1.

4. Fable Series

5 Games That You Should Play on 2021

I’m a sucker for RPGs so I’ve played pretty much all of them out there (or at least the ones worth playing). Although Mass Effect is a great RPG, I found that it was too serious and depressing, it’s like watching Game of Thrones. In contrast, The Fable series has lighthearted moments between all that adventure stuff, something that makes it more appealing to me. It has some action-adventure elements but is mostly focused on role-playing which makes you choose between good/evil decisions. These choices will affect certain parts of the gameplay such as your appearance or the way NPCs react with you. There are also many side quests in each game; they are optional but if you play long enough, you’ll unlock all of them and that will take you forever. Unfortunately, Fable 3 was the last game, I really wanted a fourth installment but it never happened (I don’t think so anyway).

Fable 2, one of my favorite games in the series. It’s funny how they kinda question its existence since there are no plans for a new one.

5. The World Ends With You (iTunes/Android/PSP)

5 Games That You Should Play on 2021

I’ve never played a game like TWEWY before. It’s an RPG but that doesn’t mean you fight enemies in turn-based battles; it’s done with action commands instead where you have to time your attacks when the “!” is on the screen. It has great graphics and music, a story about parallel worlds (very Matrix ), and cool characters. The only downside for me during my first playthrough was the touch controls because I had no experience playing anything like this before but if you get used to it, it’ll be fun. I suggest getting the DS version since it looks better due to its high resolution and has other exclusive bonus features (like stickers!).

The plot revolves around Neku, a teenager stuck in the city of Shibuya for the next month until he completes a mysterious game called The Reapers’ Game together with a girl named Shiki and other companions he makes along the way. I can’t tell you much more or I’ll ruin it but here’s an amazing review that describes the story well:

If you’re looking for a handheld RPG to play, then give this one a shot!

Honorable Mentions (that didn’t make it)

There are other games that don’t get enough credit such as Zelda Wind Waker HD, Need For Speed Shift, and Portal 2 . They are all great titles but they simply didn’t meet my number requirement; I had to cut something off (since I had a limited amount of time).

Conclusion This is the first part of my list, there are still many others that deserve to be in here like The Last Of Us. Check back for more parts in the future! If you have any suggestions or comments please post them below.

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