8 Netflix Animated Shows With Adult Contents

8 Netflix Animated Shows With Adult Contents

Netflix has been churning out some fantastic animated series the last few years, and these are some of the best. They’re great for kids and adults alike, as long as you can look past any adult themes like language or violence.

1) BoJack Horseman

This is one of Netflix’s best-animated originals yet. It follows the life of a washed-up 90s sitcom actor who is trying to make a comeback as an equestrian film star in Hollywood (what they call Hollywood). The show isn’t for young children because it deals with adult themes such as drug abuse and depression, but this shouldn’t scare off people from watching it. Not only does the show have hysterical moments where I’m laughing out loud, but it has some amazing dramatic moments as well. BoJack Horseman’s character is one of the most fascinating in recent TV history, and he makes you think about life and what your own motivations are when all that’s left for you is to look back on a long career of not really accomplishing anything with your life (kinda like me).

2) F Is For Family

Bob Odenkirk from Breaking Bad leads the cast in this adult animated sitcom. The story centers around a man named Frank Murphy who is going through a divorce and having problems raising his two kids with his new girlfriend. The show deals with issues like bullying, alcoholism, depression, amongst other topics. It’s definitely an adult cartoon but it can be funny at times. This show is good for adults because it has a real deal of problems with alcohol and how it affects one’s life and some other topics that can be hard to watch, but the underlying concept of this show is what also makes it a great family cartoon as well. It shows an adult who realizes he has made some mistakes in his life and wants to do better for his kids going forward.

3) Disenchantment

Michael Ovitz will produce Matt Groening’s new animated series called ‘Disenchantment’ which will feature the voices of Abbi Jacobson, Eric Andre, Nat Faxon, John DiMaggio, and Billy West. The story takes place in a fantasy world inhabited by magical creatures and follows a princess named Bean who is dissatisfied with her present lifestyle. The series has already been picked up for 20 episodes, so this will certainly be something to look forward to in the future.

The first season is set for release in 2018.

4) The Dragon Prince

Netflix will be premiering a new fantasy series in 2018 called The Dragon Prince. The show was produced by Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra creators, and the series features the voices of stars like Theo James, Giancarlo Esposito, Steven Yeun, and others. It follows two human princes who forge an unlikely bond with the elven assassin sent to kill them, embarking on a quest to bring peace to their warring lands.

5) Big Mouth

Animated sitcom created by Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, and Mark Levin about teenage boys going through puberty. It has an all-star cast including John Mulaney, Jason Mantzoukas, Maya Rudolph, and Jordan Peele. This show’s vulgar jokes may not be appropriate for kids but I doubt many parents will let their young children watch this anyway because of the adult themes.

6) Neo Yokio

Neo Yokio is an American comedy anime series created by Ezra Koenig for Netflix. In Neo Yokio, Kaz Kaan is a wealthy bachelor in Megacity One – AKA New York – who was raised by humans but recently discovered that he’s part-demon. On top of his social status, Kaz has to contend with monsters like vampiric “Lacanau Waves,” ghostly “FOff” echoes from the past, mecha-monks, and more.

7) Voltron: Legendary Defender

This is another great Netflix original for kids or adults who love action-adventure stories about giant armored robotic lions that combine to form a giant sword-wielding robot. The show follows five Earth defenders as they defend their home planet against a dangerous alien force. The show features the voices of actors like Jeremy Shada, Bex Taylor-Klaus, and Josh Keaton. This

is better than your average cartoon out there and even has some great episodes for adults, such as “The Black Paladin” which details Keith growing up with his brother who was a bully.

8) Castlevania (2017)

This animated Netflix Original is based on the popular video game franchise originally released in 1986 for various home computers, consoles, handhelds, and arcade machines. A second season has already been announced so fans can expect more animated blood and gore in the future. The show has a stellar voice cast including Richard Armitage, Graham McTavish, Matt Frewer, and Alejandra Reynoso as Dracula himself.

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