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Top 5 Horror Movie That Will Keep You Awake at Night

Top 5 Horror Movie That Will Keep You Awake at Night

Finding a scary movie that will keep you awake at night can be hard to find. In a recent post about the top 5 movies of 2017, my number one choice was IT (2017) and many others in the comment section had said that the same movie gave them nightmares for weeks. This is just one example from many people who have looked for a scary movie that will keep them awake at night. Well, I have 5 different choices for 2018 and 2019 also because why not? Here are the top 5 horror movies that will keep you up late at night…

1. The Meg 


There is a reason why this movie was rated the highest-grossing shark film of all time by the end of its opening weekend, money! Not only does The Meg offer something new to the table with Megalodon’s but they make it action-packed enough to take over Jaws one day as one of the best shark films of all time. When you are watching this for fun just try to ignore the fact that these sharks can destroy buildings and swallow people whole within seconds…. as long as they’re not teenagers…

2. A Quiet Place 

Moving on from shark movies and going straight for creatures that want to eat us in silence. This movie is one of the best examples yet of how far we have come from being afraid of a monster or creature, it’s more about the idea that something will get you and you won’t hear them before they get you. It’s hard to pick a favorite scene but if I had too I would say maybe once they are surrounded by the creatures and it gets quiet, then so will this film! If you’re looking for a jump scare type scary movie then this has plenty but without it being supposed to be overly gory or anything like that, so from that perspective, it makes for good horror outside of the jumpscares.

3. Halloween (2018)

Everyone always says that movie remakes are never normally as good as the originals, well that’s about to change with this one! I have seen some other reviews and comments saying they should have kept Michael Myers mask his original white color instead of having him in black… If you’re going for the original, though, you must remember he wears a William Shatner mask so yeah maybe try to find a way to do both somehow, but from what I saw, this was very close to the original if not better! Now back onto why I think this will be one of the best movies of 2018, unlike most people who were complaining about Jamie Lee Curtis being in this, I say it’s great she has come out of time and made a return to the character that brought her into the spotlight again. Maybe having Michael Myers tie with Laurie Strode will bring more sequels in the future? This brings me to my next point… How many times can they really do this story before it gets old if at all?

4. The Conjuring 3 

If there is one movie franchise that hasn’t gotten enough credit or attention for its greatness it’s The Conjuring! Now don’t get me wrong I love horror movies, but these are supposed to feel more based on real-life experiences rather than just what you see on screen, which makes them even better than most other scary movies as far as I’m concerned. It’s hard to say if The Conjuring 3 will be better or not than the past two but from what we have seen in this movie franchise so far it’s a hell of a ride! Let’s put it this way, they could never make these movies into real life and get away with them because that just wouldn’t work! So hopefully one day soon we can see The Conjuring 3 hit our screens and give us another great story to enjoy while sitting at home late at night, which brings me too…

5. A Nightmare on Elm Street (2019)

There hasn’t been much said about this sequel yet, but I’m sure it will change soon. All I know is that Jackie Earle Haley is portraying the main character Freddy Krueger again and I can’t help but feel like his portrayal this time around will give a twist on the story that none of us saw coming. This could either be amazing or disastrous depending on how it’s put together, however, I’m not going to let my mind run with all of these possible outcomes because bear in mind if you reading this then you’re not here for a review of an upcoming movie, you are looking for a horror movie that will keep you up at night!

Now onto 5 different scary movies that have yet to come out but will easily scare anyone who watches them!

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