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5 Best Horror Movies From 2020

5 Best Horror Movies From 2020

5. Bad Hair 

In 1989 a woman had to get a weave to succeed in the demanding world of music television. She was struggling in his carrier until he changed her hair which helped her a lot in getting noticed at her workplace. She soon realized that she may have sacrificed too much when her hair did everything it wanted. See the Plot of Bad Hair and enjoy the movie.

4. Host

Six friends accidentally summon a demonic presence while hosting an online seance and begin to notice strange occurrences in their homes.

A group of friends under quarantine due to COVID-19 have been conducting weekly Zoom calls in order to stay in touch. For this week’s call, Haley has a medium leading the séance when Teddy leaves abruptly because his girlfriend Jinny keeps interrupting. During the séance, Jemma claims to have made contact with a friend who committed suicide, only to later admit she lied. The remaining people experience strange phenomena; Emma’s glass breaks, Haley’s chair is pulled by an unseen force and Caroline sees a hanging corpse in her attic.

3. Fantasy Island

The movie involves a group of friends who are on their way to the remote Fantasy island where people go on vacation and enjoy their fullest. A fantasy island is a place in which dreams come true. However, this may not be the case for these 5 individuals because of all the evil horror that awaits them.

2. Black Box

After his wife dies in a car accident, struggling widower Ben undergoes experimental therapy that causes him to question the type of man he really is. After hypnosis is used on Nolan by doctor Brooks, she deems him a suitable subject for an experimental procedure. With the assistance of doctor Brooks and her “black box”, Nolan explores the depths of memory in an attempt to regain lost memories due to his accident.

1. The Grudge

Muldoon, a single mother, investigates the murder of a suburbanite. As she probes further, she realizes that an evil force is haunting the house in which the incident took place. The Grudge is the American remake of Ju-on series. The movie focuses on a curse that kills its victims one by one through supernatural elements.

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