5 Cute But Deadly Creatures In The World

5 Cute But Deadly Creatures In The World

It is always said that we should not go with only beautiful looks. It’s the same for both humans and animals. Animals win our hearts easily and attract us by their extremely beautiful outer appearances. But some of them are deadly with cute faces. Here is a list of 5 such creatures with interesting things you need to know about them.

5. Swan

5 Cute But Deadly Creatures In The World

Swans are large aquatic birds belonging to the family of ducks. They are beautiful creatures living in wetlands of Northern and Southern Hemispheres. Having attractive feathers in black, white, grey and orange, swans are around 35-60 inches in length weighing up to 15 kg. Swans have one of the largest wingspan in the bird family measuring between 6.5-11.5 feet. They have serious strong bites which they use to attack when they feel threatened or in order to save their babies. Their wings can cause severe injuries too.

4. Raccoon

5 Cute But Deadly Creatures In The World

Raccoons are one of the cutest medium-sized omnivorous creatures found in wooden area of North America. They are mostly popular for their amazing grey fur and unique facial mask. Though they look cute but if they live around your home then you need to be very careful. Raccoons don’t directly attack on human, but they cause diseases as they carry dangerous rabies and roundworm on their body. Apart from this, while searching for food they behave weirdly that leads to property damage.

3. Polar Bear

5 Cute But Deadly Creatures In The World

Undoubtedly, Polar Bears are the most beautiful animal on Earth. Being the most largest animals, Polar Bears are found in Arctic Circle. They might reach upto 7-10 feet in height weighing around 720 kg. Polar Bears have water resistant white coat with thick layer of body fat. This helps them to live in the cold environment. However, don’t go on their looks. They just look innocent but they attack viciously on their enemies and feed on seals. Talking about their attacking power, if they use their front paws to attack a human, it can cut the human body into pieces.

2. Chimpanzee

5 Cute But Deadly Creatures In The World

Chimpanzees are considered to be very cute and intelligent animals having around 96-98% same DNA as humans. They love to learn words and communicate with humans. Besides this, Chimpanzees are five times stronger than an adult human and can be very destructive too. They are aggressive and unpredictable. Their bites can cause severe injuries. Unfortunately there are very less chimpanzee species left on Earth due to the destructions caused by humans.

1. Blue-ringed Octopus

5 Cute But Deadly Creatures In The World

These are one of the most deadliest creatures on Earth with extremely attractive look. They are mostly found in the Indo-Pacific ocean. Blu-ringed octopuses are just 5-8 inches in length but their venom is thousand times more dangerous than cyanide. This venom is released by their sphere shaped salivary glands behind the head. However, their bite is not so dangerous but if we talk about the poison, it causes nausea, heart failure and even death. The venom takes just few minutes to kill even an adult. Although they are dangerous but they only attack if they feel threatened. The most interesting fact about the Blue-ringed octopus is that they blash their blue rings as a sign of warning.

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