10 Strong Anime Protagonists

10 Strong Anime Protagonists

1 – Saitama (One Punch Man)

10 Strong Anime Protagonists

The protagonist of the comedy/ action manga series One Punch Man is depicted with his characteristic bald head and relaxed face. This figure features the use of color and ink brush strokes to recreate a dynamic pose, which can only be achieved by 3D printing! The cape is made of flexible material, allowing it to capture its waving folds realistically.

One-Punch Man was created by Yusuke Murata (story) and ONE (art). The story follows a man named Saitama, who can defeat any enemy with only one punch. He is bored with his extreme power and is constantly trying to find stronger opponents who can bring excitement into his life. While hilariously trashing up bad guys such as the Deep Sea King or Garou, Saitama meets other strong fighters like Mumen Rider that becomes his disciple.

2 – Izuku Midoriya “Deku” (Boku no Hero Academia)

10 Strong Anime Protagonists

Izuku Midoriya was born without superpowers in a world where many people have them, but he still wants to become a hero more than anything. Against all odds, he manages to enroll in U.A., the best hero school in Japan. To achieve his dream of becoming the greatest hero and prove himself worthy of being considered amongst the ranks of the greats who make up U.A.’s alumni, including All Might, he now has to defeat several other students and prove that he is truly capable of being called the world’s next top hero!

Izuku Midoriya is a major character from Boku no Hero Academia, a Japanese manga by Kohei Horikoshi. The manga first started serialization in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in July 2014 and to date has over 20 million collected volumes in circulation. On top of an anime adaptation that started airing this year, there are also multiple games based on the series such as the recently released My Hero Academia: Battle for All Nintendo 3DS game.

3 – Tatsuya Shiba “Shiba Tatsu” (The Irregular at Magic High School)

10 Strong Anime Protagonists

Tatsuya is a student of First High School, which offers a course on modern magic. He is talented in sports and academics. Unfortunately, he tends to be rude to people due to his blunt attitude. His relationship with his older sister Miyuki who excels in both academics and magic use is also not good enough, but one day, when he was summoned by Kudou Minoru, the headmaster of Third High School…

From the popular anime series, The Irregular at Magic High School comes this highly posable 2nd-year student! Enjoy using his school uniform or his outfit as a member of the “Dresden Slate” team for a change in atmosphere.

Tatsuya Shiba is the younger brother of Miyuki and the older step-brother of Yukihime, who both attend First High School. His sister first appeared as the main character from volume 1 to volume 3 of the light novel series The irregular at magic high school, which was written by Tsutomu Satou (who also wrote The Twelve Kingdoms ) and illustrated by Kana Ishida ( Fate/school life ). It was published under Dengeki Bunko from July 2008 to September 2014 with over 2 million copies sold. The series has been adapted into an anime since April 2014 and has 4 arcs so far.

4 – Gai Ogata (Sword Gai)

10 Strong Anime Protagonists

The story is set in a world where humanity, driven off the land by the threat of magical armored insects, now lives on ships floating on the ocean. Thus wizards — formerly known as magic users — are necessary for battle. There are many types of wizards, each with his or her own fighting style and techniques: offensive magic users who use their magic to fight directly, defensive magic users who protect allies or themselves with barriers, and healing magic users who heal injured comrades.

However, there is one wizard type that none had seen before — an irregular wizard called ” Sword Shaman .” He was a sword-using close-combat specialist whose sword was also his magic staff — using both great swordsmanship and various magic techniques. To protect what is important to him, Toma uses his abilities as a Sword Shaman to fight the armored insects threatening the human world and restore peace to it!

Toma Akagi was a popular character from Sword Gai, which ran in Shogakukan’s seinen manga magazine Monthly Sunday Gene-X from October 2013 to May 2015. It has been collected into 5 volumes so far, with the latest released on April 20. An anime adaptation based on the series has also been announced for summer 2016, though currently there is no official release date yet.

5 – Eren Yeager ( Attack on Titan )

10 Strong Anime Protagonists

Adapted from the hit anime series, Eren Yeager is depicted with his 3D maneuver gear and Survey Corps cape. His famous quote, “I’ll kill them all so that I can survive” is inscribed on his stand along with flowers and leaves of grass for a cool effect.

Eren Yeager is the main protagonist of Attack on Titan, a manga series created by Hajime Isayama. The story started serialization in Kodansha’s Bessatsu Sh nen Magazine in 2009 and to date has over 40 million copies in circulation. It received an anime adaptation that aired between April 2013 and September 2014 (with two compilation movies released in 2014/2015), as well as multiple spin-off mangas and comics. A second season is scheduled to air in 2016.

Eren Yeager is the son of Dr. Kyoji Yaeger and his wife, who were part of the “Levi’s Squad,” a group that researches titans. His father was killed by a titan before Eren’s very own eyes when he was only 10 years old, which turned him into an angry young man with intense hatred towards titans. He enrolled into the 104th Cadet Corps to join the Survey Corps — a military/research group that explores outside the walls surrounding towns created for humanity’s protection against giants called titans.

6 – Kirito (SAO)

10 Strong Anime Protagonists

Kirito is a player in the online game “Sword Art Online”. He has completed all one hundred floors of the game, and he is currently trapped in an epic battle against players from another country.

He uses a one-handed sword to fight monsters efficiently, but his most dangerous weapons are his dual-wielding sword skills. The speed of his super high-speed sword slashes, and the long periods that he can maintain them exceed human capacity.

He has a cool personality but is often short-tempered when it comes to things related to Asuna and other female characters in the game. Kirito appears in “Sword Art Online”, which was written by Reki Kawahara, (who also wrote Accel World ) and illustrated by ABEC ( Sword Art Online – Aincrad / Fairy Dance arcs). It was published from April 2009 to September 2014 in Dengeki Bunko, with 2.8 million copies currently sold. The light novel series has been adapted into anime, manga, and even an arcade game.

7 – Shiro ( No Game No Life )

10 Strong Anime Protagonists

From the anime series “No Game No Life” comes an ultrasound mouse pad of the younger of the ‘Blank’ gamer siblings, Shiro! The unique appearance of this mouse pad is based on the illustration from the original novel’s cover. The mouse pad is made of neoprene and has a flexible rubber base, making it very easy to place Shiro on your desk while also protecting your table surface.

No Game No Life ( NGNL ) is a Japanese light novel series written by Yū Kamiya. It received an anime adaptation in 2014. The story centers around two shut-in NEET siblings who form the “Peace Preservation Department” within their school, which they use to help resolve problems between students. Together with Sora’s gifted ability at gaming, his younger sister Shiro’s exceptional strategic skills, and unorthodox moves that occasionally throw the rules out of order, they can solve disputes using games.

8 – Asuka ( Neon Genesis Evangelion )

10 Strong Anime Protagonists

An anime adaptation based on the hit manga series was first broadcast in 1995 and is still enjoyed to this day. This figure captures her confident pose as she kicks up her right leg while swinging the chainsaw-type blades of her progressive knife. The details on both the body and face are carefully sculpted to capture her character and cute expression!

Neon Genesis Evangelion is an apocalyptic mecha action/drama television series by Studio Gainax, directed by Hideaki Anno. In 2015, a new film titled “Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo” was released in theaters worldwide, with a 4th movie set for 2016.

9 – Madoka Kaname ( Puella Magi Madoka Magica )

10 Strong Anime Protagonists

Madoka Kaname is the main character from the anime series “Puella Magi Madoka Magica,” which first aired in 2011. She is a magical girl with an extremely gentle personality who, despite having great power, chooses to use her abilities to try and free herself and others from despair. This figure features bold black outlines which contrast sharply with the white clothing of this beautiful version of her!

Madoka Kaname is a 14-year old middle school student who lives in Mitakihara City. During one ordinary day, she encounters a strange creature named Kyubey that offers her the opportunity to have anyone wish from any one thing in the world, however, it will be at a great cost to her. She then becomes a magical girl who works alongside other magical girls to fight against witches, creatures born from curses responsible for strange phenomena occurring around Mitakihara city.

10 – Mikoto Misaka ( A Certain Magical Index )

10 Strong Anime Protagonists

Mikoto Misaka is an electro master with the power to control electricity and lightning and be part of Tokiwadai Middle School’s student council and Level 5 esper. She wears her hair up in two buns with twin pigtails on either side that are also outlined by yellow ribbons. This 1/8 scale figure captures her proud expression and dynamic pose as she stands atop a specially designed base modeled after the ground!

The A Certain Magical Index series of light novels written by Chūgaku Akamatsu and illustrated by Kiyotaka Haimura began in 2004, has spawned multiple anime adaptations in 2008, 2011, 2013, and most recently a movie. The story revolves around Touma Kamijou, who possesses the power of “Imagine Breaker”, an ability that negates all supernatural powers except for his own. This leads to frequent clashes between him and other espers whose powers are derived from magic. In 2012, A Certain Scientific Railgun was released as a spin-off following Mikoto Misaka (often referred to as one of the strongest Level 5 espers) as she enrolls at Academy City.

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