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Resident Evil Village DRM Bug Fixed

Resident Evil Village DRM Bug Fixed

Few days back a cracked version of Resident Evil Village with the DRM issue was being discussed everywhere. There are many evidences that suggests that DRM is the main cause of shuttering in the PC version of the game. However, in the previous Resident Evil games, patches have just removed the DRM to deal with similar issues. It is not yet known whether Capcom wants to remove DRM this time too or to find some other solution.

Meanwhile, our very own Denuvo has clearly said that it has nothing to do with the shuttering problem. In an interview Denuvo said,“At Denuvo we understand that an uninterrupted gaming experience is key, after all we’re gamers too. With respect to the recent piracy and tampering of Resident Evil Village, we have run multiple tests on multiple machines and there is no difference in game experience on the legitimate version protected with Denuvo Anti-Tamper versus the unprotected version without  Denuvo Anti-Tamper. We cannot comment specifically on the Capcom implementations as they are unrelated to Denuvo’s solutions.”

PC Gamers problems and Capcom’s soultion to it

Resident Evil Village DRM Bug Fixed

PC gamers have been complaining of shuttering issues particularly during combat. According to DSOG, the game’s pirated version is far better than the original version. But good news is that Capcom is finally bringing a new patch with all the required fixes. Capcom said that the company is currently looking into the reported PC performance issue. It further mentioned,“The team is working on a patch to address PC performance issues which will be available soon. We’ll share more details as they are available.”

So we could say that the shuttering while killing your enemy in Resident Evil Village will soon be solved. Even if no solution comes up to fix it, Capcom has one confirmed solution of removing the DRM permanently.

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