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Minecraft v 1.17.10 Patch Out With New Features and Fix

Minecraft v 1.17.10 Patch Out With New Features and Fix

Minecraft update 1.17.10 is just released by Mojang. This new update has plenty of performance improvements, additional features and bug fixes. Along with this comes some experimental features derived from the Caves and Cliffs update. However, the latest update will be available on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S platforms. Lets have a look at the newly added features and the patch given below.

 Patch : Experimental Gameplay

Minecraft v 1.17.10 Patch Out With New Features and Fix

The game now provides the players with Candles that can be placed in clusters upto four and lit using Flint and Steel. Moreover, the Candle can be crafted using a Honeycomb and String. For crafting different coloured candles, you need to combine it with dye.

Coming onto the experimental features from Caves and Cliffs Part II, these are available in the update. But remember one thing, these features are still under development and can be changed too. Furthermore, once you activate it, the features cannot be turned off and your world might crash or not work.

New Features and Fixes

There has been addition of new surface biomes such as Lofty Peaks, Snowcapped peaks, Snowy slopes, Mountain Grove and Mountain Meadow. Not only this , there are new cave biomes which includes Lush Caves and Dripstone Caves. World height is now increased upto 320 blocks.

Other updates include new ore distribution, goat horn and revamped cave additions such as cheese caves, spaghetti caves and more. There was a bug causing a crash that occured if a structure was placed with a command in an unloaded area. This issue is now fixed.


Minecraft v 1.17.10 Patch Out With New Features and Fix

Template Packs are now available for download with new resources and behaviours packs in this latest update 1.17.10. The performance is now better with better error handling. Moreover, new content errors for item parsing and for loot table is added. However, the gameplay is also modified. Loot chests having 0 seed now correctly randomize if placed on the same coordinates. Here comes a surprise! Players will jow get a content error when there custom recipes are declared invalid. Minecraft: scaffolding_climber is now renamed as Minecraft: block_climber. This will climbing both Scaffolding and Powder Snow.

This is all for now. We will update as soon as new patch arrives.

Stay tuned with Crawford portal for more updates!

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