10 Starbucks Drinks That Taste Amazing

10 Starbucks Drinks That Taste Amazing

List of some Amazing Starbucks drinks that you would like to enjoy your day with.

Black iced coffee

10 Starbucks Drinks That Taste Amazing

Having a black iced coffee at Starbucks is often what I go for as it’s quite heavy, which makes my stomach feel fuller, and has the caffeine kick that I love. It’s also made with real coffee which is very important to me. You can always add milk or cream to it if you like but I find that it is just as good without.

The reason I choose black iced coffee over any of the other drinks on this list is that it’s very simple and has only one ingredient, which is black coffee. The drink you get in a red cup usually comes with ice cream or cinnamon sprinkled on top, but if you’re looking for something more simple then order your favourite coffee (caramel macchiato maybe?) and have it over ice.

Caramel macchiato

10 Starbucks Drinks That Taste Amazing

This drink is made up of espresso, milk foam and syrup. It definitely tastes better with an extra shot of caramel syrup so ask for a short macchiato for your barista when ordering. It tastes pretty amazing hot or cold and even when it’s just hot coffee with milk foam on top, it tastes like a sweet latte but with that extra caramel punch. You can also get this drink in other flavours such as white chocolate mocha, hazelnut praline flavoured syrup or cinnamon dolce which are all really nice too.

If you want to make your macchiato sweeter then ask for more syrup, if you want to add another layer of flavour to the drink, order a shot of caramel (or white chocolate) on the side and dip your straw into the shot before putting it into your mouth! If you’re feeling super fancy then ask for whipped cream on top, which is an addition I recommend as it’s so creamy and yummy.

Starbucks also offer a caramel frappuccino which is made using the same ingredients as the macchiato, but instead of being a shot, it’s more like a milkshake so you can definitely try that if you’re looking for something different. Of course, I would recommend that you add whipped cream too!

Toffee nut latte

10 Starbucks Drinks That Taste Amazing

I’ve never been much of a fan of lattes as they tend to give me cramps and make my stomach feel really full afterwards. However, after trying this toffee latte it has totally changed my mind about lattes, especially those from Starbucks. It tastes amazing hot or cold (or indeed in-between!) and not only do I love it as a drink, but the smell of this latte is also amazing. It makes your whole flat (or wherever you are) smell like toffee which is nice if you’re going home and don’t want to be greeted by an empty place!

If you can go for this coffee in-store then definitely do like the quality of their espresso shots is much higher than that of instant coffee powder. If you can’t make it to Starbucks in time though, don’t worry because they will let you order one over the phone and have it delivered to your door. You should also be able to find instant equivalents online so try one out for yourself!

Mocha frappuccino

10 Starbucks Drinks That Taste Amazing

This drink will probably be the easiest one on this list for you to make in your kitchen. Just a warning that Starbucks has recently changed their recipe so try out my instructions and see if it’s what you’re looking for!

Just as an intro, I love mocha frappuccinos but find that they are not of the best quality from Starbucks. This is especially true now that they’ve made some changes to their recipe, which isn’t great. Still, though, it’s still totally worth trying if only because it tastes pretty good and when bought hot will warm you up in winter if nothing else! In my opinion, though, this drink should never be put into a blender and frozen as most people do (which unfortunately makes me think of McDonald’s frappuccinos).

This mocha frappe recipe I discovered is pretty close to the original and I highly recommend that you try it because it tastes amazing. You can find my exact recipe here, but if you are feeling lazy, most supermarkets stock instant powders which you just add into hot milk! Here’s a video of the powder being made so that should help! If you want to do this drink in-store then have a look on YouTube for videos from baristas who show how to make them properly (and get an extra shot in !) You can also order it online for delivery!

Coffee frappuccino

10 Starbucks Drinks That Taste Amazing

I would recommend that you order the caramel version of this drink because as previously stated, I’ve always found regular coffee frappucinos to taste a bit bitter and like instant/cold coffee. Thankfully Starbucks also sell iced versions of their other drinks too which are delish, especially when chilled down with ice and blended up so they are smooth! Starbucks also sell an Orange one which is sweet and fruity so totally worth trying!

Cookies n cream frappe

10 Starbucks Drinks That Taste Amazing

If you’re feeling super fancy but bored of the usual flavours then try a cookies n cream frappe from Starbucks. It tastes amazing when hot or cold (or indeed in-between!) and it’s really creamy so smooth with no ice crystals. If you can’t find the cookies n cream powder then try just doing a regular frappe, but putting Oreos into it instead! You could even crumble up some more Oreos and put them on top as well so that you get a good mix of texture in your drink. I think they also sell Oreos in Starbucks which would be perfect for this drink!

Iced coffee (with cold brew)

10 Starbucks Drinks That Taste Amazing

This one is super easy if you have a blender. Just add instant coffee to water and blend it till it’s all dissolved, pour over ice and milk and enjoy! Plus, I’m sure most folks out there will already have or know someone who has a blender – everyone needs something to chop up food with right?

Cold-brew iced coffee is a great alternative to instant if you’re looking for something yummy but not super intense. Just make yourself some cold coffee and add it to milk! (It’s hard to give exact amounts of ingredients because the amount needed varies depending on how strong you like your drink.) This is my go-to drink if I don’t have time before work or just wants a quick fix.

I especially like the cold brew coffee from Starbucks, and no I don’t work for them! It’s just something that tastes super smooth and delicious, but also has a slightly stronger taste than shop-bought instant. We’ve written an article about how to make it at home if you want to try this yourself!

Hot chocolate (and other warm drinks)

10 Starbucks Drinks That Taste Amazing

So you might be thinking what hot chocolate is doing on here? Well, in my opinion, hot chocolates at Starbucks are better than most people give them credit for. They come in two different varieties: with marshmallows or without. The ones with marshmallows are really decadent for having as a treat! Just remember to ask your barista not to melt them for you so that they are gooey and not rock hard!

If you’re looking to try something new then I’d definitely recommend trying their chestnut praline hot chocolate. It’s a little more exotic than the marshmallow one! They also sell caramel frappuccinos which are similar, but put over ice instead of made with milk. If you can’t get to a Starbuck’s, then just make yourself a mug of hot cocoa at home using some instant hot chocolate powder – it doesn’t matter if it says ‘for baking’ on the packet because we’re just going to be putting milk in it!

Caramel frappe (or other flavours)

10 Starbucks Drinks That Taste Amazing

Pretty much every flavour is worth trying because of how sweet Starbucks are with their syrups and sauces….but my favourite is the caramel flavour! This drink tastes delicious hot, cold (over ice) or even over-blended so that it becomes more like a milkshake. I know some people are convinced it has actual Caramel in as well but rest assured this is not the case! Just ask your barista for an extra shot of espresso if you want something stronger.

Green tea frappe

10 Starbucks Drinks That Taste Amazing

This is another one you should definitely try if you haven’t before! It’s yum when it’s hot, but also nice and refreshing over ice. The green tea powder is actually really good for you too, so no need to feel guilty like I do with all the sugar! If you’re feeling adventurous then ask your barista for a twist on this and have it extra sweet and blended up – YUM! This drink is seriously good year-round because of its refreshing flavour.

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