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Ghost of Ikishima Release Date

Ghost of Ikishima Release Date

A sequel to Ghost of Tsushima called Ghost of Ikishima is rumoured to release soon. According to the sources, the Ghost of Tsushima expansion has been registered online. Moreover, Sony and Sucker Punch Productions are planning to launch the standalone expansion later this year. However, there is no confirmation on this yet, but we have an idea of what it is going to be about!

Plot of Ghost of Ikishima

Ghost of Ikishima Release Date

Ikishima is an island which is located southeast of Tsushima. It is around one-fourth the size of Tsushima and thus it is perfect for DLC. Moreover, Ikishima would be an amazing next destination for Jin. But the gameplay length is not the same as the original series. There is however enough territory in Ikishima island to craft even a bite-sized adventure.

Not only this, there are other reasons as well that makes Ghost of Ikishima a sensible game. This island is located near the Japanese mainland. It is already known that in the previous part Jin’s uncle rejected him to break the Samurai code. Henceforth, Jin will continue his campaign against the Mongols. On the other hand, the Mongols are still attacking other Japanese Territories.

In Ghost of Tsushima 2 there will be a larger map. During the conclusion of the invasion, Jin will travel to the mainland after completing the adventure of Ikishima island. Besides this, there will be new version of fictional elements in the new rumoured DLC.

As of now, let this news about the DLC be a rumour as no evidence of its existence has been shown. However, Sony will reveal it’s future plans on 8th July 2021. Hopefully everything will be clear after that. No need to worry guys, we will come up with the exact release date very soon.

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