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Stardew Valley Info on Volcano Dungeon

Stardew Valley Info on Volcano Dungeon

Welcome to the Volcano Dungeon, a new location in Stardew Valley. This dungeon is hidden deep within the mountain and is home to many fiery creatures. Explore this cavernous area as you fight your way through tough battles with monsters that are guarding their territory! You will also find valuable ores and other resources used for crafting at every turn.

Stardew Valley Info on Volcano Dungeon

This blog post will be going over how to get access to the Volcano Dungeon in Stardew Valley, what it contains inside, and some of the benefits from exploring it.

Where is The Dungeon

The Volcano Dungeon is accessed through a walkout outside of the volcano on Ginger Island. Players enter from the north side of the Island and start in the dungeon’s floor entrance. This is where the player will start from if they enter through the walkout.

Once the player has crossed the river of lava, they can walk through the door into level 1. In contrast to mines or skull caverns, monsters do not respawn when you return to the dungeon if you leave and reenter. A chest containing reward tiers is always found on level 9.

Stardew Valley Info on Volcano Dungeon

What to Expect Inside the Caves

Inside, there are a number of chests containing various rewards and also there are rare stones and food items like cave carrots. There’s also a higher chance to find ores in the dungeon than outside them. The monsters inside have more health pools that take longer to kill, but give better loot in return for killing them successfully.

The Volcano Dungeon can be accessed by walking out into it from an entrance at the north end on Ginger Island with a pool of water just before it starts climbing upstairs leading back down to ground level. It contains many different types of monsters which range from easy-to-defeat to tougher stones.

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