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Different Ways To Find Emeralds in Minecraft

Different Ways To Find Emeralds in Minecraft

Emeralds are one of the most valuable items in Minecraft. But what can you do with emeralds? Emeralds usually are used mostly for trading stuff from villagers but there are also other uses for it. They are just not that productive that why we don’t use them in other ways.

Different Ways To Find Emeralds in Minecraft

Different Ways To find Emeralds

Do you know that emeralds are rarer than diamonds? It’s really hard to find emeralds while mining, you will even find diamonds while searching for emeralds. So basically you should find a villager NPC or a trader who trades emeralds for some stuff. It will be much easier that way instead of mining and searching for emeralds.

You can also find emeralds during your adventure in some treasure chests. So it may be worth checking and who knows what other stuff you will find in it. Vindicators and evokers will drop up to 1 emerald upon death. Looting increases the maximum drops per level from 0-1. A max of 4 emeralds can be obtained with looting III on a given mob.

Different Ways To Find Emeralds in Minecraft

When a player hunts a fox that has an emerald in its mouth, it will drop the emerald on death. Alternatively, they can feed the fox to entice it to drop the emerald without being killed. In Bedrock Edition, vindicators and pillagers spawned from raids can drop 0–1 emeralds. Vindicators and pillagers have a chance to drop additional emeralds depending on the difficulty level. In Bedrock Edition, when a vindicator is killed in a raid with Looting III on, it can drop up to 16 emeralds.

Emeralds can be used as currency to buy items from some NPCs, such as villagers and traders. You cannot use emeralds for purchasing chests or crafting recipes and various items. It may surprise you what the traders and the villagers offer for a specific amount of emeralds.

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