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Sea of Thieves New Expansion “A Pirate’s Life” Release Date

Sea of Thieves New Expansion "A Pirate's Life" Release Date

Sea of Thieves, a action adventure game, is about to release its new expansion next week. The upcoming expansion is titled as ‘The Pirate’s Life’ as it features the characters from Disney’s ‘The Pirate’s of the Caribbean’ . It is developed by Rare and published by Microsoft Studios. However, Microsoft wrote in his post that this campaign will give players a lovingly crafted story to play solo or with their crew.

A Pirate’s Life: Release date

Sea of Thieves New Expansion "A Pirate's Life" Release Date

The new expansion, ‘ A Pirate’s Life’ will be releasing on 22nd June 2021 for free. It will be launched for PC, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One. The upcoming game will feature your favourite characters Captain Jack Sparrow, The Black Pearl, the Flying Dutchman and Davy Jones. Moreover, the game will have the theme park rides and environment from the original Pirates of the Caribbean.

More about the new expansion

Sea of Thieves New Expansion "A Pirate's Life" Release Date

Developer Rare mentioned that players will face danger from deadly new enemies wherever they will sail. Rare said, “Terrifying Phantoms will require swift reflexes to deal with, while Sirens swarm beneath the waves and widely devastating new weapons of their own”. Besides this, he also mentioned that if there is any lumbering Ocean Crawlers around, then the decks of the ships might not be safe too.

Talking about the story of the game, the creative director Mike Chapman said it all in his post. “The heart of our story explores what it truly means to a pirate on the Sea of Thieves, and this has allowed us not only to tap into the deeper meaning of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and the original attraction but allow players to go on adventures with Jack Sparrow, learning more about how he sees the pirate life and his place on the Sea of Thieves”.

Not only this, he also said that the story will move forward in unexpected ways and will be extremely adventureous

Fans will not be able to control their excitement after knowing each and every thing regarding ‘A Pirate’s Life’.

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