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Horizon Forbidden West Gamers Reaction To Aloy’s Cheeks

Horizon Forbidden West Gamers Reaction To Aloy's Cheeks

Horizon Forbidden West is an upcoming role playing game. It is developed by Guerrilia Games for Playstation 4 and Playstation 5 platforms. It is the sequel to the original game Horizon Zero Dawn which was released in 2017.

However, the release date of Horizon Forbidden West is not officially announced yet. But we could expect its release by the end of 2021 or maybe delayed until 2022. Moreover the first gameplay of 14minutes of the upcoming game was revealed in the State of Play event last week. This event revealed the change in graphics as well as the power of the gameplay in PS 5. Now when it comes to the incredible character Aloy, gamers ate unhappy with her appearance. Lets read more about it!

What happened to Aloy’s cheeksHorizon Forbidden West Gamers Reaction To Aloy's Cheeks

After watching Aloy in the upcoming sequel, fans are very disappointed. They are not happy with her cheeks. Those who have played the original game, they must be familiar with her. Aloy is modeled after a Dutch actress, Hannah Hoekstra and is a protagonist in the game. Unfortunately, her appearance has changed from that in Horizon Zero Dawn. There are few differences such as her cheeks look big rounder and bigger. Because of this, fans are calling her ugly as well as fat.

Reason that could be possible behind the change

Horizon Forbidden West Gamers Reaction To Aloy's Cheeks

As mentioned before, people are comparing Aloy with her appearance in the last-gen game. However if you will look at the whole story of the game, you will get the reason behind this. There is a six months time leap in the upcoming game which is enough for a person to change physically.

In the beginning of Horizon Zero Dawn, Aloy was surviving in a post apocalyptic world of San Francisco. Thus she hardly used to get something to eat. But at the end of the game, things changed and her lifestyle became better. As a result, in Horizon Forbidden West her cheeks are looking a bit bigger as she might be a bit healthy now.

Apart from this, Aloy is looking great even with her changed appearance. It doesn’t matter how she looks, she is still the same strong woman ready to fight her own battles.

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