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Wolfenstein The New Order Engima Codes

Wolfenstein The New Order Engima Codes

Wolfenstein:The New Order is an action adventure first person shooter game. Developed by Machine Games, it was released in 2014. It is available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One. If you are a fan, then you must be familiar with the Engima Codes in the game. The Engima Codes are somewhat like pieces of codes which is used to unlock additional game modes. But it is not that easy to get them as they are scattered throughout every chapter of the game. The article consists of everything yo need to know about the Engima Codes.

What are Engima Codes?

Wolfenstein The New Order Engima Codes

These are special pieces called collectibles of codes found in all chapters of Wolfenstein The New Order. However to unlock the portions, you need to collect a total of none different codes. As soon as you unlock all the Engima Codes, the additional game modes will be unlocked too. With this, you will finish your first part of the game.

What do Engima Codes have in them?

After solving the Engima Codes, you will receive a 999 Mode. This mode will further give you 999 Health, unlimited ammo, Uber difficulty alongwith some more action. However these come in three modes.

The first mode known as Walk in the Park Mode’ will disable all elements of HUD. Moreover it will also force you to work according to you sense in order to survive. It will unlock as difficult mode–the ‘I Am Death Incarnate’ mode.

Hardcore Mode is the second one which will take away all the health packs alongwith armour pieces. The third and the last mode is the Ironman Mode. This mode gives you just one life to play but if you face a ‘game over’ then you will instantly die.

How will the Engima Codes get solved?

Wolfenstein The New Order Engima Codes

To do so, you have to go to the extras menu of the game. Then use any of the Engima Notes that you found from the individual chapters of the game. This will help you to solve each code. When it’s done, you have to access to the new challenging game modes.

If you have any queries regarding the gameplay, refer to IGNwiki.

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