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Divinity 2 Path of Blood pipe puzzle explained

Divinity 2 Path of Blood pipe puzzle explained

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is a role playing video game and is the sequel to 2014’s Divinity: Original Sin. The game has a tough trial for the players know as ‘Path of Blood’. Though it is tough, but you can solve it by following the steps given below. Have a look at it.

How to reach the Patch of Blood?

Divinity 2 Path of Blood pipe puzzle explained

In Divinity 2, player will have to pass the Path of Blood. This will lead them to the final story mission. To find this area you have to enter the Cathedral in Arx, which is the hub town of Act 4. Move towards north most part of the city. You will find the Cathedral there. After entering, move to the end of the Cathedral to find a unique status. Thi statue will be surrounded by blood and ghosts.

Now comes the Simulacrum of Lucian’s Trial. In the Cathedral, there are NPC who will urge the players to have a conversation wth the statue. This interaction is however important to begin the trial. As soon as you interact with the statue, the Simulacrum of Lucian will begin speaking to you.

You will be provided with four questions further.

1. The first question will about taking owned items.

2. The second question refers to killing any character.

3. The third one asks whether you have helped the Voidwoken NPCs.

4. The last question refers to absorbing corpses for Source.

If you lie while giving the answer, the character being questioned will be killed immediately.

Pass the trial

The easiest way to pass the trial is to answer the questions asked truthfully. But you should have atleast one character in your party never steal, kill or hep Voidwoken which playing. If any environmental effect kills the character then the character will have to be a pacifist to receive Lucian’s blessings.

But if you lie, then you have to go to the Lady Vengeance and speak to Sergeant Zrilla. She will allow you to purchase or create a character. After this, go back to the statue and answer the questions truthfully.

Atone and the Source Amulet

Divinity 2 Path of Blood pipe puzzle explained

Here you will see an interactive item to the left of the room. Then you have to interact with the object to get a socket in which an Amulet can fit. To complete this puzzle, all you need is the Source Amulet and a Scroll of Atonement. Let’s see how you can obtain the Source Amulet.

It is however very easy. All you have to do is just to search a character named Toyseller Sandres in Arx and speak to him. Besides this, you will also have to ask the NPC to help you go further in the game. The Source Amulet will be obtained and then just charge the Amulet with the Source.

The Scroll of Atonement

Divinity 2 Path of Blood pipe puzzle explained

The Scroll of Atonement is very important for the Amulet to work .To get thi scroll, go to the room on the right of the same building. Move to the second floor and try to find a locked desk near a painting of Alexander. To unlock the desk, use the password ‘Giyora’ and you will get the scroll.

The Crypt of Lucian Puzzle

Divinity 2 Path of Blood pipe puzzle explained

After getting both the items, activate the inactivated button in the Path of Blood. You will then be allowed to enter the Crypt of Lucian where you will find an obscure puzzle inside it. This puzzle is a matching puzzle in which you just have to match the elements in the  top most row with the bottom one using pipes. Lastly, after completing the Crypt puzzle, an arena will lead you to the final encounter of Divinity 2. But before beating the final boss, save the game and then complete the quests if any of them is left unsolved.

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