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Stardew Valley Egg Festival Best Route

Stardew Valley Egg Festival Best Route

Stardew valley Egg Festival is an event where players have to collect eggs faster than the other player. This is the first event that takes place in the game. The festival takes place in Patican Town on the 13th of every Spring. Before we get to know to win the event let’s learn a bit about the festival.

Stardew Valley Egg Festival Best Route

Egg Festival

This festival is like an Easter egg hunt where players have to find and collect eggs before others. This festival starts at 9 am so the roads to go into the town are blocked before that. You cant enter the town before 9 am. Lake every other event this has two phase.

In the first phase, you can interact with the villagers and get some friendship points. Also, there is a shop where you can purchase a Plush Bunny and also some strawberry seeds. Buying the strawberry seeds before the summer is a nice choice because you can harvest them twice like this. You just have to plant the strawberry on 16th and when summer comes it will be ready to harvest by then.

Stardew Valley Egg Festival Best Route

The second phase has the event where you have to participate in the egg hunt. If you are playing multiplayer you will be competing with your friends. If you are solo you must get more than eight eggs or else Abigail will win. In a multiplayer number of eggs depends on how many players are in the session. It goes like this, with 2 players 6 eggs, with 3 players 5 eggs, and with 4 players 4 eggs. The reward for winnen is a straw hat or 1000g if you have already won before.

Best Route To Win

When you start the event you will be in the middle of the town. From there go left and at the entrance of the fence, there is an egg to get it. There is an egg behind the house, after that do down and you can see the rest of the eggs. Then go to the right from there to the sewers there is an egg there. Then go to the graveyard and you will find the egg in the middle grave. There is an egg on the bridge.

This should be enough to win the event. Still, you can get some more eggs in the given time. This might be the best route to win this event or you can try some different routes.

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