The Forest Review After The Full Release

The Forest Review After The Full Release

The Forest is a horror survival game that was released on 30 May 2014.  At that time this game was on early access and was not complete. It had lots of bugs and also lacking instructions on many things. It’s been years after the release and now let’s talk about how the finished game looks like.

The Forest Review After The Full Release

As mentioned before the game lacked instruction but now they have instruction for each and everything that you can interact with. They have added more settings on the graphic/ display so that you can tweak with them as for your preference. We cant say that there are no bugs now but there are very less amount of that you will find. The conclusion this game is great for a crafting horror survival game and has improved a lot since the release and is with playing.

About The Forest

This game has come a long way from where people complaining about it to the point where everybody likes the game. As mentioned before this is a survival horror game where you survive from the mutants/ the canals. It is a survival crafting game just like Minecraft but more intense. The story is about your son who is bean kidnapped or taken by someone and you have to find him.

The Forest Review After The Full Release

Game Intro

The game starts on a plane where you and your kid Timmy are going somewhere and the plane crash. You survive the crash but your kid Timmy is taken by some guy in red. If you are playing multiplayer after the cut scene you can see your friends and then go out of the plane. After that, you will have to explore the island and the caves for clues. Trying not to give the spoiler but you will find that the plane crash was not an accident. To find out the story further you will have to play the game.

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