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New Pokemon Snap Review For Nintendo Switch

New Pokemon Snap Review For Nintendo Switch

New Pokemon Snap is the sequel of Pokemon snap which was released in 1999. Because of the hype of the first pokemon snap fans requested more. So there was an announcement in 2020 that there will be a new pokemon snap and here it is now. New pokemon snap is a first-person video game released on April 30, 2021, and it is available for Nintendo switch. We taught that no one was listening and this game is done for but here we are now.

New Pokemon Snap Review For Nintendo Switch

About Pokemon Snap

Most of us should know what pokemon snap is about as we all should have played it at least once. Still those who don’t know what pokemon snap is about let’s learn about it before we go to the new pokemon snap. Basicaly when we talk about pokemon we think about Pokemon battles, catching pokemon, gym battles, etc. This game takes a different turn from those battles and lets you explore what the pokemon’s do when people are not around. So in this game, you are a photographer and you take the picture of pokemon in their natural habitat. You take pictures of pokemon like a wildlife photographer and take those pictures for analyzing/aproval.

New Pokemon Snap Review For Nintendo Switch

In pokemon snap when you take a photo of a pokemon you take the picture to professor Oak to confirm that the photo has everything that it needs. THen Professor Oak comets on it and say what missing and wats there. There are all the original pokemon from generation one and some from generation two and three that are roaming around.

New Pokemon Snap

In this New Pokemon Snap, there are some new islands to explore. In the New Pokemon Snap, we can see around 200 pokemon and they are from every generation including the first, second, and third. There are all kinds of pokemon, like the pokemon that you know and also the pokemon’s that you don’t. So you can explore all the pokemon and maybe find a new favourite among them. There is a new Professor in town and his make is Mirror, who also have an assistant named Rita. They want o research the behaviour of the pokemon and also the reason behind their glowing.

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