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Bloodborne: How To Defeat Father Gascoigne?

Bloodborne: How To Defeat Father Gascoigne?

This article on how to defeat Father Gascoigne and learn his moves. Bloodborne is an action roleplay game and to tell you the truth this game is a bit difficult. Play that like Dark Soles might enjoy this game. Those who are new to this game will die a lot before you get hang of it. This article is about Father Gascoigne who is a boss in the game. Most of the player that has played this game says it is the hardest boss in the game. So let’s learn how to defeat him and also learn about his phases and abilities that he uses.

Bloodborne: How To Defeat Father Gascoigne?

About Father Gascoigne

Father Gascoigne is an expert hunter and also a priest. He got the title of “father ” when he was a priest in foreign lands. This boss is a hunter type enemy as we can tell by the first line. Because he is a hunter hell will behave almost as the player does and his attacks will also be similar.

This boss has three phases that trigger when his health reaches a certain threshold. For the first phase, when you hit him a couple of times he will use a shotgun that can stun you for a few seconds. In his second phase, he extends his axe and has a long range attack than the previous phase followed by the shotgun. In his final phase, he will transform into a wolf that deals a lot of damage and has lots of combos.

Bloodborne: How To Defeat Father Gascoigne?

How To Defeat Father Gascoigne?

We have mentioned before that Father Gascoigne has three phase so let’s get through one by one.

For the first phase, try to hit him two times and then dodge left or right to dodge his shotgun blast. Don’t get greedy and get hit by the shotgun and also don’t try to dodge backways. Dodging backwards will only get you hit by the shotgun blast.

In the second phase, his axe extends and has more range than the previous phase. Try to keep more distance in this phase and let him swing until he stops. And then use the same started two hits and then dodge. Don’t get hit by the shotgun.

Bloodborne: How To Defeat Father Gascoigne?

In the final phase, he transformed into a wolf and has more damage. In this phase don’t engage with him much and use the gravestone as your shields. Before this fight get a decent amount of Molotov cocktail and get some oil urn. Use the oil first and then hit him with the Molotov. As he is in the beast mode Molotov will deal more damage and with the oil, it will boost the damage.

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