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Magic Keyboard isn’t compatible With New iPad Pro 12.9 inch!

Magic Keyboard isn't compatible with New iPad Pro 12.9 inch

New iPad Pro 12.9 inch got launched recently. But what is known that the old Magic Keyboard of Apple is not compatible for this new iPad Pro. You need to buy new magic keyboard for this iPad. Check out what to do and for other alternatives.

Spring-loaded event

On April 21, 2021 Apple’s 2021 launch event called Spring Loaded Event happened. In that event, lots of new products got launched including the new 12.9 inch iPad Pro, iMac, purple iPhone and AirTags. The iPad Pro comes with M1 chip and mini LED screen. It is said that the new iPad pro isn’t supporting the previous old magic keyboard.

Magic Keyboard isn't compatible with New iPad Pro 12.9 inch


Magic keyboard won’t work

It is the French website called IGeneration firstly noted that new iPad Pro is not working with the previous old Magic Keyboard. After that Apple documentary and AppleInsider confirmed it from Apple that old magic keyboard of 2018 or 2020 model can’t work with new iPad Pro. If you are buying 2021 12.9 inch iPad Pro, you must buy the new magic keyboard case by spending extra $349.

Why it’s not working?

The old Magic Keyboard isn’t working with new 12.9 inch iPad Pro because this 2021 iPad Pro is thicker than 2020 version. That is new 2021 iPad Pro measures around 6.4 mm and the 2020 iPad measures around 5.9 mm. It is thicker because of the mini LED screen for better movie or show experiences. The updated 11 inch iPad Pro is still go with the old magic keyboard case.

Magic Keyboard isn't compatible with New iPad Pro 12.9 inch

One benefit

Though the new iPad Pro is not compatible with the old magic keyboard, you can buy new magic keyboard. The only benefit with this new 2021 magic keyboard is that it will work with the previous 2018 or 2020 model. So if you didn’t have the magic keyboard before, you can buy and use it.


Logitech has released a new keyboard which can be used with the new iPad Pro. The Logitech combo touch backlit keyboard case with trackpad is launched and you can pair it up with 11 inch and 12.9 inch iPad Pro. This keyboard is detachable and have adjustable kickstand for watching movies and shows comfortably. The Logitech has made two seperate keyboards for 11 and 12.9 inch. The 11 inch keyboard cost $199.99 (which around Rs.15,000) and the 12.9 inch keyboard cost $299.99 (which is around Rs.22,600). You can save around $100.

Thus these are the details about the new iPad Pro why it can’t be matched with old magic keyboard and alternatives available.

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