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Dead By Daylight Nurse Teleportation Ability Explained

Dead By Daylight Nurse Teleportation Ability Explained

Dead By Daylight is a survivor horror game where the players try to survive the killers. The Nurse is one of the killers in the game that the players can play. Nurse has been nerfed so many times after his release but still, we can say that she is the strongest killer in the game. But to play this character you will have to master her abilities or else she becomes useless. So let’s get to know how her ability works.

Dead By Daylight Nurse Teleportation Ability Explained

Dead By Daylight Nurse Ability

The ability that makes the Nurse overpowered(OP) is her ability to teleport. She has two charges on her teleport ability and also she gets fatigued after using teleport. Fatigue is like a mini stun where her movement gets slowed, she looks down, and the line of sight reduces for a couple of seconds. Fatigue depends on the number of charges that are used. So if you blinked once it will be 2.5 sec of stun and if you use 2 charges then it’s a 3 second of stun.

Dead By Daylight Nurse Teleportation Ability Explained

You can charge your first blink for up to two seconds but the second blink had to be released soon or you will just get stunned after the first blink. There is also a penalty of 1 sec if you swing and miss the target after the blink. So if you used both of your blink and missed your swing then there will be a 4 second stun. That is enough for a survivor to run away from you.

Other than that this killer is weaker than the survivors because of the nerfs this character has been getting. This killer is the only killer that is slower than the other killer and also slower than the survivors. The movement speed of the Nurse is 3.85 m/sec where the basic movement speed of other killers are like 4.6 or 4.4m/sec. Even the survivors have a movement speed of 4.0m/sec that is faster than the Nurse. So we are trying to say that she is useless if you don’t master her teleport ability. There is no easy way to master this character other than practice.

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